Here are my toy review policies! These policies are not set in stone and I may choose to revise them at a later date should something come to my attention.

  1. I will only agree to review sex toys from body safe materials: ABS plastic, properly sealed wood, stone, ceramic, silicone, stainless steel and glass.
  2. The toys/products provided to me free of charge do not guarantee anything other than an honest review. Hell even the products I purchased myself don’t guarantee anything other than an honest review.
  3. Products will be reviewed as quickly as they can. If there is a reason for delay in your review, I will email you regarding it. The current expected rate for reviews to take is from two weeks to one month approximately.
  4. No additional requirements may be added after the product is sent.
  5. I will not promote products/services/businesses I find have unethical policies and/or actions and I will not promote bigotry in any form. If I find that your company engages in these actions, I reserve the right to refuse reviewing or promoting your products.
  6. At present I prefer to review bondage gear (collars, harnesses, cuffs, and paddles) and sex toys for anal or vaginal use. I am not accepting penis toys at present.

If you would like to link to my content I’d be delighted! However, you must credit me and may not use more than 3-4 sentence excerpts in your work.