Good Clean Love BioNude Lube Review

I have three tubes of Good Clean Love’s Almost Naked formula in my toy-box. I know, it seems a little excessive, but I’m sort of a hoarder. Every time I see lube I feel obligated to stock up.  And for a long while GCL’s formula worked for me and my body and was my go to lube. But earlier this year I started to notice something. Sometimes lube leavings would cause my body to have a reaction. An errant smear of lube caused a small speckling of redness on my thigh. I shrugged it off, not really sure it was attributable to the lube. It was a hot summer, maybe I was having a little heat rash. I kept using it until one evening I held ice to what looked like a large, red mosquito bite where lube had smeared on my thigh. It was then I decided it was probably best not to continue using the Almost Naked I had as my nightstand standby.

But that was not the end of my affairs with the Good Clean Love brand. No! Good Clean Love was kind enough to send me their more gentle BioNude line after I asked on Twitter about my swelling. And it is with delight that I can recommend this lube for everyone!

The BioNude lube comes in a three ounce tube with a pop cap, as does the rest of GCL’s lubes. It’s fairly minimal packaging and looks eco-friendly, as do all of their lubes. When I asked the representative on the phone what the difference was between the two lubes, I was told that the original formula had some small amount of flavoring, while the BioNude line does not. I can confirm this, and in fact I once claimed that the Almost Naked line made it smell as though I’d baked a batch of cookies in my vagina. The BioNude line smells and tastes of nothing, which can be a pro or con depending on if you minded the Almost Naked flavoring.

I also looked to see that the formulas were in fact different, which is what likely makes the BioNude line runnier than the Almost Naked formula. If I were to compare the water based lubes I have currently and order them from thickest to thinnest it would be: 1. Almost Naked GCL 2. Sliquid Sassy 3. BioNude GCL. The Almost Naked has been the thickest water-based lube that I’ve tried, comparable to the thickness of Astroglide’s gel formula, though naturally with a healthier ingredient list. The BioNude has a thinner, less sticky quality to it, reports my boyfriend and I’m inclined to agree.

In use, the BioNude performs admirably. Because of its ultra gentle formula, I don’t have a reaction to it the way I did the Almost Naked line, and I found it thick enough to use for a variety of activities. When I used it anally, I found it perfectly comfortable for sliding in my butt plug, more comfortable than the Almost Naked formula to be honest. Likewise, when I used it vaginally in conjunction with the dildos I was testing, it performed admirably. While my partner didn’t notice a difference when we used it for PiV, I noticed that things felt a little better than when using the Almost Naked formula. In the bedroom, the BioNude formula has proved to be an excellent all rounder for whatever activities I want to get up to.

The BioNude line has really impressed me. While I loved the smell and feel of the Almost Naked line, the gentler formula of the BioNude line has me hook, line and sinker. Its performed anally, vaginally and it does all of that without giving me a mosquito bite style swelling. I recommend BioNude for anyone looking for an all around excellent water-based lube.

This product was sent to me free of charge without the expectation of a review, but I liked it so much I wanted to tell everyone how I felt. Thanks Good Clean Love!

Warming Up: Part Two on Foreplay

So now we come to the second part of my Warming Up series. I’ve already discussed what foreplay is, or what my personal definition of it is, this post is meant as sort of a rough guideline of possible foreplay activities. Most of this has been drawn from my own personal experience so  your mileage may vary. This isn’t meant as an instructional guide on foreplay, merely offering my methods to see if you find anything you might want as an addition to your warm up repertoire.

In warming up for vaginal penetration

In warming up for vaginal penetration, there are a couple of things I’ll do differently depending on whether I’m preparing for PiV sex or if I’m planning on penetrating myself with a dildo. With a partner, I enjoy giving and receiving oral to get ourselves physically and mentally ready. Personally speaking, giving my partner a blowjob before sex makes me feel incredibly sensual and sometimes gets me aroused enough for penetration all on its own. Being able to control the experience my partner receives isn’t something I get to feel when I get fucked, so I relish the control I have for the time being.

Because my partner values reciprocity, he’s often not the only one getting oral. In fact, even with the difference in our sizes, we’ve actually pulled off the 69 position to great success. Getting oral is a fantastic act in its own right, and for some people it may be the whole sexual encounter , but I often find it to be an amazing warm up for PiV with my wonderful partner. When receiving oral, I prefer to also be fingered at the same time. The internal stimulation and getting used to being penetrated makes it so I can enjoy feeling stretched by my partner without feeling claustrophobic from his dick. I know it seems strange that my vagina with size queen tendencies can feel claustrophobic from anything, but it remains the case. If I don’t warm up to penetration and I’m not turned on enough, it’ll hurt.

If I’m warming up for a solo session, I’ll often start off with a vibrator. I’ve got a few that have been featured so far, namely the much loved Turbo Glider and Mystic Wand. Warming up my clit turns me on and gets me ready for a dildo. Now, I should use a smaller dildo in preparation for my larger ones, but most times? I just go straight for it and endure a little discomfort as my body gets used to it. In this respect, I would ask my readers to please use smaller dildos to warm up first rather than just plunging in. Your orifices will thank you.

The last crucial piece for warming up is: LUBE. I cannot stress enough how essential a good lube has been for my sex and masturbation life. Good Clean Love’s original formula was my go to until I noticed I started having some irritation, so I discontinued use. Thankfully, Good Clean Love has graciously offered to send me their BioNude formula, which I’m very grateful for. In the meantime, I ordered both the Butters and Sliquid from Peepshow, which preliminary testing is showing some very good results! Of course, I’ll fill you in more on a later post with regards to how these lubes feel.

In warming up for anal play

So a quick disclaimer: I’ve not had penetrative anal sex yet. Well, I’ve had an entire 8 inch dick in my ass, but after insertion (we didn’t use lube) it got pretty uncomfortable so he pulled out and we moved on to something else. So most of my experience with anal has been using toys or getting my ass fingered. Regardless, here’s how I warm up.

Usually I start with lots of lube and gentle digital penetration, because my butt is a delicate flower. The few times I’ve been impatient, I’ve wound up bleeding slightly and had to take a long break from anal play of any kind. So if I’m doing anything with my butt, I make some time to read some erotica, stimulate my clit, and slowly ease into anal. Making sure my clit is involved ensures that I’m turned on enough and still feeling pleasure while I’m easing into anal.

I’ve also done an enema in preparation for anal, though I later wasn’t able to actually follow through on that desire. I’ve done an enema using a bulb, and while I did feel cleaner, I felt oddly dehydrated and headachey afterward. This bad feeling nipped any chance of sex in the bud, so my partner and I ended up just snuggling while I recovered. So if you’re planning on doing an enema, I’d recommend: 1. Doing several rinses. 2. Making sure you’ve got access to a bathroom you can hog for about an hour. 3. Drinking plenty of water in the event you feel like me after. Also, while an enema once in a while is fine, too many too close together can really upset your gut flora! So be mindful and take care of your body.

Last words

You know your body best and know where your limits are. The things I’ve described above may work for you, and they may not. I encourage you to experiment with several activities and to take your time in getting your body ready. In a lot of ways, warming up for sex is like warming up for any other athletic event. Take your time to get your mind and body ready so that you can enjoy whatever encounter you decide to participate in!

Cryptokink: Teratophilia

Welcome to another installment of Cryptokink, wherein I explore some of the more fantastical fetishes that I’ve found online. This time I’m examining teratophilia, something that’s grown quite a bit more popular on the internet!

So what is teratophilia? According to the definition provided by Wikitionary it is: “1. The paraphilia characterized by sexual attraction to deformed or monstrous people. 2. Attraction to monsters.” But what does this mean in practice? For some people, it might mean an attraction to people considered conventionally ugly, leaning towards the first listed definition. But for a growing population on the internet, and for the purposes of this post, it means that they get turned on by things that are…more than human.

In reality, teratophilia, or at least a degree of it, is quite common. Paranormal Romance is a sub-genre that is rapidly gaining popularity within the romance market, featuring broody vampire or werewolf boyfriends which woo the heroines and the readers. Twilight comes to mind as a popular, if somewhat nasty example of the growing trend.  The television series Teen Wolf also comes to mind, as well as the Netflix series Hemlock Grove, which I personally enjoyed. This doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone who liked Edward Cullen in middle school is now a card-carrying teratophile. Just that this fetish, despite its seeming niche appearance is actually pretty common.

The Cthulhu dildo from Uberrime, looking both otherworldly and alluring.

Of course, teratophilia isn’t just sulky vampires who can’t decide between fucking and eating you. A number of the kinksters who identify as teratophiles actually see vampires and succubi as the ‘vanilla’ version of the kink. A significant amount of teratophilic art features aberrant, eldritch horrors getting it on with their human counterparts, often with these human counterparts enthusiastically receiving their alien lover. What Lovecraft considered horrifying and ghastly, these individuals consider a perfect fuck buddy. Often times, teratophilia will coincide with a number of kinks. Oviposition, which I wrote about earlier, is often in tandem with a monstrous lover. Some inflation porn coincides with having a monster pump you full of its fluids. Macro/microphilia occasionally plays its part in scenarios, with the monster towering above its lover by a significant margin. Put simply, teratophilia enjoys a lot of crossover appeal because of how broad the definition of monster is.

The XenoCat Argus in a gorgeous color scheme.

So, if you are a teratophiliac, how is it exactly that you get your fix? While monster roleplay is certainly an option, I most often hear of it indulged through written or visual erotica. Some erotica uses real life actors, with some of the actors posing as the monster, while other pornography uses either drawn or CGI characters to get the desired effect of monster fucking. In addition to this, there are also a number of companies that make fantastically shaped sex toys to really scratch that itch for teratophiles. While many large brands worry about veering too far off the human model, other brands such as Uberrime, XenoCat, Lust Arts, and Exotic Erotics have stepped forward to meet the challenge. Each of these companies produce unique designs that are pleasurable in their own right, as well as potentially scratching that itch of someone wanting to get it on with a creature of the night.

A lot of teratophilia fiction is available on blogging platforms like Tumblr and on fanfiction sites like Ao3 if you’re interested in exploring on your own. On Tumblr, there are both SFW and NSFW teratophile blogs, allowing you to engage with the material at your level of comfort. As with most kinks, teratophilia can be experienced in a variety of ways and moods, so for as many stories featuring a borderline violent encounter with a monster in the dark, there are beautiful stories of tender fucking with your loving orc spouse. And so with that, I leave you to go out and find your own perfect monster significant other!

2 in 1: Stockroom Gentle Persuasions Paddle and Adjustable Blindfold Review

Stockroom knows leather. They just do. In the box they sent me, everything was a gorgeous piece of leather and I went just starry eyed and soft. I’ve spoken at length already about their O-ring Choker and now I’d love to tell you about the two other products they sent me: The Adjustable Blindfold and the Gentle Persuasions Paddle. Both of these products are simple and effective introductions into BDSM. They’re beginner-friendly, budget-friendly and of course, excellent quality.

The paddle

This paddle is a great and simple introduction to impact play. It doesn’t try to pull anything extreme, and doesn’t aspire to be anything more than what it is, a leather paddle. And for people new to impact play, this is a good thing. The Gentle Persuasions Paddle has two sides: a soft, fluffy side meant for gentle warm up, and an unadorned leather side for more intense play. The soft, fluffy side is extremely gentle, in fact, I found it far too gentle for my taste, even for warm up. Most people who are actually into the pain aspect of being spanked are going to find that side a little too mild to be honest and could probably advance straight to the leather side.

The non-fluffy leather side, however, is one that brings a little more intensity. Compared to the acrylic paddle I have, the leather has a more thuddy impact, meaning there’s less immediate surface level pain. Because of this, I’m able to take much harder swings from this paddle than my acrylic one. This makes me feel like an accomplished submissive and so I find myself gravitating to this paddle when I want to take a little more. I enjoy receiving smacks from the leather side a great deal, either having them administered to me from my handsome male counterpart, or just smacking my ass apropos of nothing. In the hand, the paddle feels not exactly weighty, but comfortingly soft and substantial. When my partner swung it, he noted that the soft handle made it very comfortable and easy to deliver a smack. My boyfriend feels far more confident swinging this paddle with force than he does with the acrylic paddle, so I imagine that this would be a nice choice for those just learning to be Dominant.

The blindfold

This is a simple concept done very well. The blindfold fits both my and my boyfriend’s head, and for reference, I’m a 5’2″ woman and he’s a 6’5″ man. Since we both were able to fit and be comfortable with the blindfold, I can confidently recommend this blindfold as being good for a variety of bodies. Our only other experiences with blindfolds was a silky sash from Sportsheets, which slipped and often  didn’t secure very well, so the Adjustable Blindfold absolutely blew that out of the water. My boyfriend commented to me later how much he loved the quality of the material, and impressed upon me that he found it extremely well made. To be honest, I was a little surprised by how much he liked it. Let this serve as a special note, because my boyfriend has not been that emphatic about anything else in my toybox.

I tested the blindfold on my boyfriend by having him put it on before I gave him a blowjob. He secured the blindfold while I watched, stroking his cock and waiting for it to be secured to his face before I went down on him. From my perspective, sucking my boyfriend off while he was blindfolded was something new and hot. Looking up and seeing the blindfold on him and listening to the sounds he made while I sucked his cock was exhilarating. I felt powerful and sexy as I went down on him, and tried to make that blowjob and my feelings of power last as long as possible. After I decided I had enough, I got his side of the story. The blindfold was very comfortable, he explained, but it didn’t necessarily add anything to it sensation-wise. He did say he would do it again, and that made yours truly very excited.

Final thoughts

In all, these are well executed pieces of leather that are very accessible for beginners. They are simple, gorgeously made and reasonably priced. My one note for the paddle is that the soft side was too mild for me and may be too mild even for the beginners. If you find it too mild, just switch over to the leather side and let your backside have a treat.

These products were provided to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review. Thank you Stockroom! 

Stockroom O-Ring Choker Review

Earlier this month I received a delightful box full of gear from my affiliate Stockroom. In that box were three items, but the one I ended up most excited about was the sexy red collar. Or, as it is more accurately listed on the site, a choker. This review features my take on Stockroom’s O-Ring Choker in red. And I have to say that this is a gorgeous piece of leather, though I would not recommend trying to use it for any heavy play.

The choker is a little thing, meant to fit necks 10.5″ to 14″ around. So for someone as petite as I am, it fit pretty well. The band is made of red latigo leather, which makes it nice and soft, perfect for everyday wear. The O-ring is shiny nickel plated hardware and is 1 inch in diameter according to Stockroom, translating into something that looks fairly petite on the choker. The choker is easy to fasten and adjust and I could even put it on myself, something I consider an accomplishment given I have trouble putting necklaces on. It’s also very accessible since it retails for $22 on Stockroom and is made of quality materials. While I don’t think this would be the end all be all of BDSM accessories, it’s a nice way to see how you feel about BDSM and kinky accessories without spending too much cash up front.

While I don’t anticipate that you’d need to clean this choker much, if you find that you do get something on it there are a few tips to clean leather. You can wash it with a saddle soap and use a small amount of leather conditioner to keep it looking in good shape. If you wash it, be sure to keep it out of sunlight while it air dries so it doesn’t fade.

When I first received the choker, I admit that I fawned over it more than anything else in that box. I am absolutely enamored of the look of the choker. The bright red leather and shiny o-ring feel very sexy, especially when paired with a matching lip color. I’ll admit that I spent more than a little time preening in the mirror. But I noticed that it fell a bit short when I attempted to use it for more than decoration. With the narrow band of leather and lack of padding, I found it uncomfortable when tugged on, feeling it pinch my neck around the edges of the choker. My partner agreed with this assessment, noting that he wouldn’t be comfortable trying to use it for control. Furthermore, he’s not able to hook his fingers through the ring, making it difficult for him to use the O-ring to lead me. While I don’t anticipate that the choker would snap, it wouldn’t be comfortable for the submissive during play, possibly in an unsafe way.

Where the choker falls short during play however, it excels in another aspect. Taking a good look at the gorgeous red leather, I figured I could use it to add some flair to an outfit and wearing it outside of the bedroom. When I asked my partner if he thought it might be discreet enough for day wear, he said that you could probably get away with wearing it out and not arouse too much suspicion. My friend and his girlfriend, who possess the same model of choker, confirmed that no one had noticed when his girlfriend had worn hers out.

Not being satisfied with this, I decided to test out the choker’s daywear capabilities. Here’s a list of places I wore it to:

  • The mail room of my apartment complex
  • Out while I was rescuing fish from the recent hurricane
  • Barnes and Noble
  • My local coffee shop

In all of these places, the choker didn’t attract any strange looks and generally passed unnoticed. It felt really cool to wear my choker and get some work done while wearing it out in a coffee shop. The leather was supremely comfortable against my neck as I wore it around doing errands, making it excellent for daywear. If you’re feeling bold, this would be a good choice to wear out without attracting too much attention or making anyone too terribly uncomfortable.

My final verdict? This is a fun way to see if you like the BDSM aesthetics and if you just need a collar for symbolic purposes. If you’d like something for heavier play, Stockroom has plenty of options with more padding to suit your purposes.

This was sent to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review. Thank you Stockroom!


Silicone Siren Song: The Mermaid Dildo Review

In spite of owning several dildos, I have yet to review any on my site…until now. And so I am proud to announce that my first dildo review is the stunningly crafted Mermaid dildo, provided to me by Lust Arts. Lust Arts is a new sex toy company founded by two women who have dedicated themselves to making incredible fantasy inspired dildos. They’ve really impressed me with toys like the Lust Burster, a Xenomorph inspired dildo that warmed my horror-loving heart, their gorgeous take on a unicorn horn, as well as the Mermaid dildo which I am reviewing today. And after having received the Mermaid in my home and in my vagina, I’ve learned to love it. It is intense, and abrasive at times, but it provides sensations of texture and fullness no other dildo in my toybox provides.

Dildo photography
The freshly washed Mermaid looking magical with my electric candles.

The Mermaid dildo is absolutely gorgeous to look at, there’s no denying that. The artisans at Lust Arts imbued this dildo with a stunning amount of detail, making the Mermaid look like an enticing siren with her wild hair and curled mermaid tail. The color I asked for was Deepest Wave, a gorgeous pale-green over deep black that looks exactly like a sunken copper statue. This is one of the signature colors of the toy, though the Mermaid dildo does come in a range of colors. Lust Arts sent me the toy in a glorious dual-density of Extra Soft 0030 shore-hardness outside, and Soft 0050 shore-hardness inside, making it the most pleasantly squishy toy I own. It’s softer and more flexible than both the Real Nude Rollo dildo and the Truskyn Curve from Doc Johnson.

While the Mermaid comes in a range of sizes, I asked to review the Moaner size, which seemed fairly un-intimidating. At a little over 5 1/2 inches insertable and with the widest diameter on the toy being 2.07 inches, I thought it could even qualify as a warm-up toy. But with the amount of texture this toy rocks, I would suggest warming up by getting either very turned on first or by using a smaller toy to warm up, especially if you’re new to texture like I was.

I had to have a few sessions with this dildo a few times to truly understand it. The first time I used the Mermaid, I didn’t take the time to get properly aroused, which made using the toy a little awkward. I only inserted it a few inches before feeling overwhelmed and uncomfortable. After having paused to lube up properly and become more aroused, I took another shot at inserting the dildo, which met with mixed success. Because I had stopped at the ‘hips’ of the toy, that left a lot of the texture just in my vaginal opening. That amount of texture just in my vaginal opening caused a scratchy, scraping feeling which drowned out the more pleasurable sensations inside. Once I fully inserted the toy however, the discomfort fizzled, replaced by a GLORIOUS stretching feeling at the entrance to my vagina. The fullness at my vaginal opening and all of that texture was AMAZING once inside me.

Through continued use of the toy, I discovered my favorite way to use the Mermaid. I paired the dildo with a clitoral vibrator and stuffed myself full with the Mermaid, jiggling it and twisting it to get the delicious massaging sensation and stretching fullness that the size queen in me craves. The texture is absolutely delightful to my vaginal walls! It felt like being massaged and teased with tiny fingers in a way. With how soft the Mermaid is, the textured parts don’t feel abrasive, provided I fully insert the toy. In trying I also found that I enjoyed the Mermaid externally, as the highly textured head of the toy felt fantastic to rub against my clit and inner labia, which I often did as part of my warm-up.

Cleaning and storing the dildo is fairly easy actually. Because you can submerge the toy, it’s fairly easy to soak off bodily fluids and get your toy nice and clean after a session. When I received it, I worried that the toy would hold onto my juices and be a nightmare to get clean because of all the nooks, crannies and crevices. But having tested this after a few sessions, I found that it was fairly easy to soak it in the sink and then wipe off with a paper towel. The softer density does cause the toy to attract dust and hair, necessitating a wash beforehand if not kept in something like a plastic bag. It’s no surprise that silicone this soft and squishy attracts lint! The bag Lust Arts sends you should be more than enough to keep your toy clean between washes though. For sanitizing, you can either boil this dildo or use a 10% bleach solution and wipe it down.

So what would I say about this silicone siren? I would recommend the Mermaid to users who know they like intensity and texture, as even the very soft Mermaid provides a great deal to experience. For people just starting to explore texture, getting a smaller, softer version of the Mermaid would likely be the best option to decide whether or not you’re into the amount of texture the Mermaid rocks. Me personally? I love my Mermaid, and plan on using it when my insides need a good massaging and stretching.

This toy was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Lust Arts! 



Cryptokink: Oviposition

Welcome to the start of a new feature on this blog: Cryptokink. This series is going to feature the unusual and fascinating kinks that I’ve learned about in my time browsing the net. I’m not going to claim to be an expert or representative of these kinks, this is more of a fun, entry-level exploration into something a little off the beaten path. With this in mind, this installment of Cryptokink is going to feature Oviposition, a kink which takes natural phenomenon and fantasy trappings and blends them into something new and exciting.

For those unfamiliar, I’ll provide a quick and dirty description of oviposition. Oviposition can roughly be described as: the act of one participant laying eggs in either the anus or vagina of another participant. The laying. The penetrative party uses a phallic organ called an ‘ovipositor’ to lay these eggs into the recipient. Eggs can be of nearly any description or size. Some oviposition scenes feature a host be filled to the brim with chicken sized eggs or with much smaller ones. These eggs can also vary in shape, color, texture along with other features.

A quick science refresher: oviposition does in fact happen in nature! One prominent example is that female seahorses impregnate the male seahorses using their ovipositor. A further example is that some insects are known to parasitically lay eggs in other hosts. So while oviposition doesn’t happen exactly the way it does in the erotica, there is still natural precedent for the phenomenon.

After interviewing a few users on Tumblr, I began to get a sense of why people are attracted to this particular fetish. It has crossover appeal with teratophilia, a kink I’ll be writing about later, along with such things like non-con or dub-con and a stuffing and pregnancy kinks. Apart from the egg pregnancy, oviposition also places great emphasis on the pregnant party ‘laying’ these eggs, often featuring the host in pleasure as they lay their non-human young. This orgasmic ‘laying’ also provided a strong appeal to users, in addition to the pleasure of being stuffed. Oviposition comes in a wide variety tones, ranging from something very tame to something more wet and wild. Having done a little research, I could find erotica with sweet and tender egg-laying, akin to love-making alongside the more aggressive and less considerate versions. This tracks with most kinks, as BDSM and other kinks also range from sweet and tender to something more rough and aggressive.

In researching this unusual kink, I have discovered that there does exist a line of sex toys, for the fetish. However, there was one I wanted to feature specifically within this piece: a dildo named The Splorch. The Splorch is a silicone dildo from Primal Hardwere, which allows the user to squeeze eggs into their orifice of choice. The dildo does not come with the eggs, so eggs must be acquired separately. To facilitate this, Primal Hardwere also supplies gelatin egg molds and step-by-step instructions on how to prepare the aforementioned eggs.  Primal Hardwere also makes no claim as to whether or not the toy is anal-safe, but does mention that gelatin eggs should dissolve with body heat. As for the toy itself, the base appears nice and wide and shouldn’t get lost in the anus, so I believe that dildo itself is extremely safe.

Given as I’ve never heard of gelatin being used in an erotic manner and had questions with regards to the safety of the toy both anally and vaginally, I reached out to the owner, Lone Wolf. Happily, the owner responded promptly and explained that while

The Splorch posed with gelatin eggs.

they could not definitively say that the toy was anal-safe, that they had used the toy and gelatin eggs anally for years without issue. Vaginally speaking, LoneWolf was unable to say for certain if anyone would have a reaction to the gelatin in the eggs. However, Lone Wolf was able to say that customers reported they were able to take the eggs with no ill-effects. With this in mind, I would cautiously give my approval to the gelatin eggs, though I might more enthusiastically recommend silicone eggs for vaginal use, as those will be safe for the body without a doubt. (EDIT: LoneWolf does not recommend silicone eggs as they tend squeegee off the lube and may not be compatible with the toys. I would take this into account with your sensitivities and make your choice based on that.)

If you’re still curious about oviposition after this piece, it’s fairly easy to find more media relating to it. The oviposition tag on tumblr will yield a glut of results, which will require you to turn off safe-search, as will a cursory search on Ao3 or other sites where erotica is permitted. And if you decide you’re much a fan and have the dough, the toys of your dreams await you at Primal Hardwere. Just be sure to always play safely!

Thank you to LoneWolf and Tumblr users tsundere-kawaii-shark and catscreatinganarchy for helping make this post possible!

Visions of the Future

AKA here’s what’s in the pipeline for my upcoming pieces:

  • Reviews of the Stockroom products I received! I received a collar, an adjustable eye mask and a paddle to review from Stockroom and I’m very excited. Preliminary testing indicates that I love the mask the most, but we’ll see!
  • A new series of posts exploring different kinks and fetishes I’ve encountered on my career on the internet. It’ll include some really interesting stuff including: Oviposition, Teratophilia, Vore and much more.
  • Reviewing for Lust Arts! Lust Arts was one of the first to contact me when I got extremely excited for their new product The Mermaid. It’s a beautiful, extremely textured silicone dildo and I’m extremely excited to receive it!
  • Possibly launching a podcast about all of this? Who knows.
  • Warming Up Part Two: Some typical acts that can warm you up and what it is I do to get warmed up for penetration!

I’m very excited to write these and more!