Stockroom O-Ring Choker Review

Earlier this month I received a delightful box full of gear from my affiliate Stockroom. In that box were three items, but the one I ended up most excited about was the sexy red collar. Or, as it is more accurately listed on the site, a choker. This review features my take on Stockroom’s O-Ring Choker in red. And I have to say that this is a gorgeous piece of leather, though I would not recommend trying to use it for any heavy play.

The choker is a little thing, meant to fit necks 10.5″ to 14″ around. So for someone as petite as I am, it fit pretty well. The band is made of red latigo leather, which makes it nice and soft, perfect for everyday wear. The O-ring is shiny nickel plated hardware and is 1 inch in diameter according to Stockroom, translating into something that looks fairly petite on the choker. The choker is easy to fasten and adjust and I could even put it on myself, something I consider an accomplishment given I have trouble putting necklaces on. It’s also very accessible since it retails for $22 on Stockroom and is made of quality materials. While I don’t think this would be the end all be all of BDSM accessories, it’s a nice way to see how you feel about BDSM and kinky accessories without spending too much cash up front.

While I don’t anticipate that you’d need to clean this choker much, if you find that you do get something on it there are a few tips to clean leather. You can wash it with a saddle soap and use a small amount of leather conditioner to keep it looking in good shape. If you wash it, be sure to keep it out of sunlight while it air dries so it doesn’t fade.

When I first received the choker, I admit that I fawned over it more than anything else in that box. I am absolutely enamored of the look of the choker. The bright red leather and shiny o-ring feel very sexy, especially when paired with a matching lip color. I’ll admit that I spent more than a little time preening in the mirror. But I noticed that it fell a bit short when I attempted to use it for more than decoration. With the narrow band of leather and lack of padding, I found it uncomfortable when tugged on, feeling it pinch my neck around the edges of the choker. My partner agreed with this assessment, noting that he wouldn’t be comfortable trying to use it for control. Furthermore, he’s not able to hook his fingers through the ring, making it difficult for him to use the O-ring to lead me. While I don’t anticipate that the choker would snap, it wouldn’t be comfortable for the submissive during play, possibly in an unsafe way.

Where the choker falls short during play however, it excels in another aspect. Taking a good look at the gorgeous red leather, I figured I could use it to add some flair to an outfit and wearing it outside of the bedroom. When I asked my partner if he thought it might be discreet enough for day wear, he said that you could probably get away with wearing it out and not arouse too much suspicion. My friend and his girlfriend, who possess the same model of choker, confirmed that no one had noticed when his girlfriend had worn hers out.

Not being satisfied with this, I decided to test out the choker’s daywear capabilities. Here’s a list of places I wore it to:

  • The mail room of my apartment complex
  • Out while I was rescuing fish from the recent hurricane
  • Barnes and Noble
  • My local coffee shop

In all of these places, the choker didn’t attract any strange looks and generally passed unnoticed. It felt really cool to wear my choker and get some work done while wearing it out in a coffee shop. The leather was supremely comfortable against my neck as I wore it around doing errands, making it excellent for daywear. If you’re feeling bold, this would be a good choice to wear out without attracting too much attention or making anyone too terribly uncomfortable.

My final verdict? This is a fun way to see if you like the BDSM aesthetics and if you just need a collar for symbolic purposes. If you’d like something for heavier play, Stockroom has plenty of options with more padding to suit your purposes.

This was sent to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review. Thank you Stockroom!


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