CN: Fake blood in one image

Bless Lust Arts, those wonderfully quirky dildo makers. Not only are their designs perfect for this spook filled month, they were kind enough to send me their Lust Burster after I approached them about how PERFECT it would be to feature a horror themed dildo on my blog this month.

Just before we got into October, Lust Arts sent me their Lust Burster design in their Soft 0050 shore silicone and in their Moaner size. This dildo is a chunkier one, at about 2.2 inches thick at the widest point, but is a pleasant 6 inches long, so it doesn’t unnecessarily bother my cervix when I insert it. The silicone is addictively squishy to the touch, and were I not so enamored of how it feels in my vagina, I bet it’d be a fabulous stress ball. The design itself is glorious, and exactly calls to mind the chest bursting scene in the original Alien film. Fun fact, the reason I watched Alien was because I was going to be reviewing this dildo. Sex toys can expand your horizons in more than one way don’tchaknow.

My Lust Burster and its ADORABLE charm self

When I last reviewed a toy from Lust Arts, I was introduced to texture in a big way. Compared to the Mermaid, the Lust Burster is a much gentler dildo, feeling almost tame compared to the very intense sensations that the Mermaid elicits. This amuses me, as I find the monstrous Xenomorph inspired sculpt to be gentler than a sensual Mermaid one, but I suppose dildos are just like that. Sometimes, a monster’s tender touch is just what your vagina needs. However, the Lust Burster is even bulkier than the Mermaid, and requires me to use smaller warm up dildos in order to best enjoy the Lust Burster. The few times I tried to insert the toy without warmup, I winced. But thanks to warm up dildos, I can enjoy using the Lust Burster as a finale dildo. Once I do get it inside me, the Lust Burster feels oddly organic, the soft density and gentle texture giving it a novel, fleshy feeling that I haven’t felt with any other sculpt. Even semi-realistic soft dildos like the Real Nude Rollo or the TruSkyn Curve don’t feel this fleshy.

If the Mermaid is an aggressive massage, then the Lust Burster is a sensual stroking of my vaginal walls that I can’t get enough of. The Moaner size is filling, stretching me nicely at my vaginal opening, and the texture is just noticeable enough without being overwhelming. Also, the texture isn’t so overwhelming that it ever irritates my vaginal opening, the way the Mermaid sometimes can. The size and texture encourages thrusting, something I’ve only just started enjoying doing with my dildos. Thrusting the Lust Burster feels excellent, and actually made me understand why reviewers enjoy thrusting so much. Hey everyone, I finally get it. Thank the Lust Burster for bringing me as its plus one to the ‘people who actually thrust their dildos’ party. I’m so glad to meet all of you. Jokes aside, the Lust Burster has expanded my masturbation repertoire and I’m psyched I got to add this toy to my toybox.

The Lust Burster’s signature colors. Kinda into the bloody one honestly.

If you’re new to texture and a horror fan, then this a dildo I would highly recommend. This is an incredibly unique and, in my opinion, beautiful dildo. It even comes in a bloody version for the most hard core of horror fans. When I’m not in the mood for a rough ride but want more texture than say, the Pure Wand, the Lust Burster has got my back.

The Lust Burster was provided to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review. Thanks so much Lust Arts!

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