The Butters Lube Review

I didn’t mean to get a bunch of lubes to review, it sort of just happened that way. It happened that way because one night after GCL’s Almost Naked Lube left a mosquito bite style rash on me, I’d had enough. So I hopped on Peepshow Toy’s website and bought both Sliquid’s Sassy Lube and the Butters. And in this installment, your friendly neighborhood lubescout is pleased to say that the Butters are an excellent lube.

I received the 8 ounce cocoa butter formulation of the Butters lube. As soon as I got it out of the package, I opened it up to take a look at what was inside. The lube has a light and fluffy texture, and is a light yellow color, much the same color as the butter I have in my dish. The smell is ever so slightly earthy and something I and my partner found very enjoyable. In fact, my partner said that he was tempted just to eat it right out of the jar and was only stopped because he didn’t want to eat up all the product. It’s a lube that I really have little to compare it to but is absolutely delightful nonetheless.

I’ve used an oil based lube once before, in the form of unrefined coconut oil. However, I was too nervous to use it vaginally and used it only anally. I felt that same nervousness as it came to time to put it to use for the first time. Slicking up the dildo I was going to be testing, I understood that many other reviewers with sensitive orifices have tried this lube to no ill effect. Nonetheless, anxiety still flooded my nerves as I eased in the toy. It slid in like silk, the lube feeling just inside me. It didn’t feel sticky or artificial, and though I can’t say it blended perfectly with my natural fluids, it really did feel fine. Notably, the Butters lube lasted a good bit longer than my normal water based lubes, which was delightful. I can usually expect a reapplication every time I remove a toy from my vagina, since my body absorbs the water based lube, but the Butters didn’t necessitate so much reapplication.

When I used the Butters for PiV, my partner didn’t notice anything different about the lube. I couldn’t tell much either, though I thought I detected that the lube was more satiny in use than others. It made our sex  It’s at this juncture in my review that I’d like to remind everyone that oil based lubes do degrade latex. So if you’re planning on using condoms as a method of birth control, either use a water or silicone based lube for PiV or consider an alternate method of birth control.

Personally, I’ve quite enjoyed my experiences with the lube, and my partner also approves of the formulation as both a lube and a snack. The Butters lube are an excellent choice for anyone looking for something that lasts a little longer than their regular water-based lube, but want something toy compatible.

I purchased this from Peepshow Toys and just wanted to let everyone know how I felt about it. Thanks Peepshow and The Butters!

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