Cryptokink: Vore

Swallow your fears everyone, it’s time we took a deep dive into one of the most talked about kinks on the internet: vore.

Voraphilia, or colloquially known as vore, has become one of the most popular niche kinks on the internet. I write this with a grin…popular niche kink is just the sort of oxymoron that WOULD happen on my blog. Anyway, the point is that some people have developed a sexual fetish entirely around being eaten.

No, not like cannibalism. Well usually not. I’m sure there’s someone out there who thinks being cut up and eaten like the victim of a serial killer is hot, and that’s for them to deal with as they see fit. But these types of individuals wouldn’t really fall into the vore fetish. They’d fall more into the guro category but I digress.

Vore can be divided into two spectrums or axes. There is hard vore, which depicts chewing and thus gore and occasionally the death of the entity being vored. Soft vore differs in that it is often depicted as swallowing the vored entity whole and alive. Often times hard vore is considered fatal, while soft vore is sort of the person or entity just hanging out in consumer’s body for a while before being ejected unharmed. Then there is the second axis of willing and unwilling, which is how the entity being vored reacts to the situation. Some vore scenes are depicted as violent and unwanted, with the vored person actively trying to escape being swallowed, while naturally the willing scenes have the person being vored damn near jumping down someone’s throat.

With vore defined, I’m going to focus mainly on why people find soft vore attractive. In a later post I’ll talk about hard vore and guro and similar edgy kinks, but that’s for later. For now, I think soft vore is absolutely fascinating. There are certain elements that I think a soft vore scene shares with oh…something like wax play or massages. There’s not any special focus on genitals, and often the sensation that’s achieved (in the scene) is not an orgasm but a sense of satisfaction. In some scenes, the vore top or predator is seen to sexually enjoy consuming the vore bottom or prey and masturbates themselves to completion upon swallowing the prey, but there are just as many scenes where they roll over and take a nap.

The main draw for soft vore appears to be intense vulnerability and intimacy combined with something akin to a mouth and or a belly fetish. I think this type of vulnerability sort of forces people to relax by taking away all other options. I mean, you’ve been eaten, of course you’ve got no control. But you’re forced into a place that is ultimately worry free and very protected. I don’t think it’s TOO MUCH of a stretch to say that vore both occupies a taboo and a comforting place in the psyches of people who indulge in it as a fantasy. I imagine it as being similar to an anxious submissive who finds a deep comfort in being tied up. They are fully trusting their dominant to take care of them and can therefore get into a very relaxed headspace when someone they trust binds their limbs.

Now, as you might be thinking, vore pretty much can’t be experienced in real life. Humans do not exist that can other adult humans whole and all sort of puts a damper on acting out this fantasy. Vore can somewhat be simulated by perhaps making small prey shaped confections, and then filmed as a kind of vore pornography, but that’s not where vore enthusiasts are most prevalent. Vore thrives as a roleplaying scenario and as erotica in both visual and text mediums. Going on literotica and searching the term vore will bring up hundreds of stories about all kinds of vore and its various derivations. Sub reddits exist for this fetish and a cursory google search brings to light how popular this has become with people online. Photo manipulations of beautiful women holding men before their mouths exist as well as extremely dirty furry erotica in which blue foxes are swallowed whole by the dashing tiger predators. Vore seems to be having it’s heyday in both the human and furry community alike!

For the most part, it seems like vore is a strange if largely harmless kink that appeals to people’s desire to be comforted and dominated. This style of domination is just a bit more…physical? At any rate, if this post aroused any feelings for you, know that you’re far from alone and that there’s a thriving community waiting to eat you. Well, meet you. Both? Sorry I couldn’t resist a dumb joke.

Cryptokink: Teratophilia

Welcome to another installment of Cryptokink, wherein I explore some of the more fantastical fetishes that I’ve found online. This time I’m examining teratophilia, something that’s grown quite a bit more popular on the internet!

So what is teratophilia? According to the definition provided by Wikitionary it is: “1. The paraphilia characterized by sexual attraction to deformed or monstrous people. 2. Attraction to monsters.” But what does this mean in practice? For some people, it might mean an attraction to people considered conventionally ugly, leaning towards the first listed definition. But for a growing population on the internet, and for the purposes of this post, it means that they get turned on by things that are…more than human.

In reality, teratophilia, or at least a degree of it, is quite common. Paranormal Romance is a sub-genre that is rapidly gaining popularity within the romance market, featuring broody vampire or werewolf boyfriends which woo the heroines and the readers. Twilight comes to mind as a popular, if somewhat nasty example of the growing trend.  The television series Teen Wolf also comes to mind, as well as the Netflix series Hemlock Grove, which I personally enjoyed. This doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone who liked Edward Cullen in middle school is now a card-carrying teratophile. Just that this fetish, despite its seeming niche appearance is actually pretty common.

The Cthulhu dildo from Uberrime, looking both otherworldly and alluring.

Of course, teratophilia isn’t just sulky vampires who can’t decide between fucking and eating you. A number of the kinksters who identify as teratophiles actually see vampires and succubi as the ‘vanilla’ version of the kink. A significant amount of teratophilic art features aberrant, eldritch horrors getting it on with their human counterparts, often with these human counterparts enthusiastically receiving their alien lover. What Lovecraft considered horrifying and ghastly, these individuals consider a perfect fuck buddy. Often times, teratophilia will coincide with a number of kinks. Oviposition, which I wrote about earlier, is often in tandem with a monstrous lover. Some inflation porn coincides with having a monster pump you full of its fluids. Macro/microphilia occasionally plays its part in scenarios, with the monster towering above its lover by a significant margin. Put simply, teratophilia enjoys a lot of crossover appeal because of how broad the definition of monster is.

The XenoCat Argus in a gorgeous color scheme.

So, if you are a teratophiliac, how is it exactly that you get your fix? While monster roleplay is certainly an option, I most often hear of it indulged through written or visual erotica. Some erotica uses real life actors, with some of the actors posing as the monster, while other pornography uses either drawn or CGI characters to get the desired effect of monster fucking. In addition to this, there are also a number of companies that make fantastically shaped sex toys to really scratch that itch for teratophiles. While many large brands worry about veering too far off the human model, other brands such as Uberrime, XenoCat, Lust Arts, and Exotic Erotics have stepped forward to meet the challenge. Each of these companies produce unique designs that are pleasurable in their own right, as well as potentially scratching that itch of someone wanting to get it on with a creature of the night.

A lot of teratophilia fiction is available on blogging platforms like Tumblr and on fanfiction sites like Ao3 if you’re interested in exploring on your own. On Tumblr, there are both SFW and NSFW teratophile blogs, allowing you to engage with the material at your level of comfort. As with most kinks, teratophilia can be experienced in a variety of ways and moods, so for as many stories featuring a borderline violent encounter with a monster in the dark, there are beautiful stories of tender fucking with your loving orc spouse. And so with that, I leave you to go out and find your own perfect monster significant other!

Cryptokink: Oviposition

Welcome to the start of a new feature on this blog: Cryptokink. This series is going to feature the unusual and fascinating kinks that I’ve learned about in my time browsing the net. I’m not going to claim to be an expert or representative of these kinks, this is more of a fun, entry-level exploration into something a little off the beaten path. With this in mind, this installment of Cryptokink is going to feature Oviposition, a kink which takes natural phenomenon and fantasy trappings and blends them into something new and exciting.

For those unfamiliar, I’ll provide a quick and dirty description of oviposition. Oviposition can roughly be described as: the act of one participant laying eggs in either the anus or vagina of another participant. The laying. The penetrative party uses a phallic organ called an ‘ovipositor’ to lay these eggs into the recipient. Eggs can be of nearly any description or size. Some oviposition scenes feature a host be filled to the brim with chicken sized eggs or with much smaller ones. These eggs can also vary in shape, color, texture along with other features.

A quick science refresher: oviposition does in fact happen in nature! One prominent example is that female seahorses impregnate the male seahorses using their ovipositor. A further example is that some insects are known to parasitically lay eggs in other hosts. So while oviposition doesn’t happen exactly the way it does in the erotica, there is still natural precedent for the phenomenon.

After interviewing a few users on Tumblr, I began to get a sense of why people are attracted to this particular fetish. It has crossover appeal with teratophilia, a kink I’ll be writing about later, along with such things like non-con or dub-con and a stuffing and pregnancy kinks. Apart from the egg pregnancy, oviposition also places great emphasis on the pregnant party ‘laying’ these eggs, often featuring the host in pleasure as they lay their non-human young. This orgasmic ‘laying’ also provided a strong appeal to users, in addition to the pleasure of being stuffed. Oviposition comes in a wide variety tones, ranging from something very tame to something more wet and wild. Having done a little research, I could find erotica with sweet and tender egg-laying, akin to love-making alongside the more aggressive and less considerate versions. This tracks with most kinks, as BDSM and other kinks also range from sweet and tender to something more rough and aggressive.

In researching this unusual kink, I have discovered that there does exist a line of sex toys, for the fetish. However, there was one I wanted to feature specifically within this piece: a dildo named The Splorch. The Splorch is a silicone dildo from Primal Hardwere, which allows the user to squeeze eggs into their orifice of choice. The dildo does not come with the eggs, so eggs must be acquired separately. To facilitate this, Primal Hardwere also supplies gelatin egg molds and step-by-step instructions on how to prepare the aforementioned eggs.  Primal Hardwere also makes no claim as to whether or not the toy is anal-safe, but does mention that gelatin eggs should dissolve with body heat. As for the toy itself, the base appears nice and wide and shouldn’t get lost in the anus, so I believe that dildo itself is extremely safe.

Given as I’ve never heard of gelatin being used in an erotic manner and had questions with regards to the safety of the toy both anally and vaginally, I reached out to the owner, Lone Wolf. Happily, the owner responded promptly and explained that while

The Splorch posed with gelatin eggs.

they could not definitively say that the toy was anal-safe, that they had used the toy and gelatin eggs anally for years without issue. Vaginally speaking, LoneWolf was unable to say for certain if anyone would have a reaction to the gelatin in the eggs. However, Lone Wolf was able to say that customers reported they were able to take the eggs with no ill-effects. With this in mind, I would cautiously give my approval to the gelatin eggs, though I might more enthusiastically recommend silicone eggs for vaginal use, as those will be safe for the body without a doubt. (EDIT: LoneWolf does not recommend silicone eggs as they tend squeegee off the lube and may not be compatible with the toys. I would take this into account with your sensitivities and make your choice based on that.)

If you’re still curious about oviposition after this piece, it’s fairly easy to find more media relating to it. The oviposition tag on tumblr will yield a glut of results, which will require you to turn off safe-search, as will a cursory search on Ao3 or other sites where erotica is permitted. And if you decide you’re much a fan and have the dough, the toys of your dreams await you at Primal Hardwere. Just be sure to always play safely!

Thank you to LoneWolf and Tumblr users tsundere-kawaii-shark and catscreatinganarchy for helping make this post possible!