Cryptokink: Oviposition

Welcome to the start of a new feature on this blog: Cryptokink. This series is going to feature the unusual and fascinating kinks that I’ve learned about in my time browsing the net. I’m not going to claim to be an expert or representative of these kinks, this is more of a fun, entry-level exploration into something a little off the beaten path. With this in mind, this installment of Cryptokink is going to feature Oviposition, a kink which takes natural phenomenon and fantasy trappings and blends them into something new and exciting.

For those unfamiliar, I’ll provide a quick and dirty description of oviposition. Oviposition can roughly be described as: the act of one participant laying eggs in either the anus or vagina of another participant. The laying. The penetrative party uses a phallic organ called an ‘ovipositor’ to lay these eggs into the recipient. Eggs can be of nearly any description or size. Some oviposition scenes feature a host be filled to the brim with chicken sized eggs or with much smaller ones. These eggs can also vary in shape, color, texture along with other features.

A quick science refresher: oviposition does in fact happen in nature! One prominent example is that female seahorses impregnate the male seahorses using their ovipositor. A further example is that some insects are known to parasitically lay eggs in other hosts. So while oviposition doesn’t happen exactly the way it does in the erotica, there is still natural precedent for the phenomenon.

After interviewing a few users on Tumblr, I began to get a sense of why people are attracted to this particular fetish. It has crossover appeal with teratophilia, a kink I’ll be writing about later, along with such things like non-con or dub-con and a stuffing and pregnancy kinks. Apart from the egg pregnancy, oviposition also places great emphasis on the pregnant party ‘laying’ these eggs, often featuring the host in pleasure as they lay their non-human young. This orgasmic ‘laying’ also provided a strong appeal to users, in addition to the pleasure of being stuffed. Oviposition comes in a wide variety tones, ranging from something very tame to something more wet and wild. Having done a little research, I could find erotica with sweet and tender egg-laying, akin to love-making alongside the more aggressive and less considerate versions. This tracks with most kinks, as BDSM and other kinks also range from sweet and tender to something more rough and aggressive.

In researching this unusual kink, I have discovered that there does exist a line of sex toys, for the fetish. However, there was one I wanted to feature specifically within this piece: a dildo named The Splorch. The Splorch is a silicone dildo from Primal Hardwere, which allows the user to squeeze eggs into their orifice of choice. The dildo does not come with the eggs, so eggs must be acquired separately. To facilitate this, Primal Hardwere also supplies gelatin egg molds and step-by-step instructions on how to prepare the aforementioned eggs.  Primal Hardwere also makes no claim as to whether or not the toy is anal-safe, but does mention that gelatin eggs should dissolve with body heat. As for the toy itself, the base appears nice and wide and shouldn’t get lost in the anus, so I believe that dildo itself is extremely safe.

Given as I’ve never heard of gelatin being used in an erotic manner and had questions with regards to the safety of the toy both anally and vaginally, I reached out to the owner, Lone Wolf. Happily, the owner responded promptly and explained that while

The Splorch posed with gelatin eggs.

they could not definitively say that the toy was anal-safe, that they had used the toy and gelatin eggs anally for years without issue. Vaginally speaking, LoneWolf was unable to say for certain if anyone would have a reaction to the gelatin in the eggs. However, Lone Wolf was able to say that customers reported they were able to take the eggs with no ill-effects. With this in mind, I would cautiously give my approval to the gelatin eggs, though I might more enthusiastically recommend silicone eggs for vaginal use, as those will be safe for the body without a doubt. (EDIT: LoneWolf does not recommend silicone eggs as they tend squeegee off the lube and may not be compatible with the toys. I would take this into account with your sensitivities and make your choice based on that.)

If you’re still curious about oviposition after this piece, it’s fairly easy to find more media relating to it. The oviposition tag on tumblr will yield a glut of results, which will require you to turn off safe-search, as will a cursory search on Ao3 or other sites where erotica is permitted. And if you decide you’re much a fan and have the dough, the toys of your dreams await you at Primal Hardwere. Just be sure to always play safely!

Thank you to LoneWolf and Tumblr users tsundere-kawaii-shark and catscreatinganarchy for helping make this post possible!

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