Turbo Glider Review

The story of how I got the Turbo Glider is a little embarrassing. I originally got the Turbo Glider as a toy to tide me over until I got my Mystic Wand replacement, since my first Mystic Wand actually caught fire when I put the batteries in wrong. It was a rookie mistake, but luckily the company was kind enough to send a free replacement. However, I was too libidinous to wait the extra week, so I drove down to my local sex store and picked up the Turbo Glider to hold me over until the delivery. I know, it sounds a little bit like the Turbo Glider is in the shadow of the Mystic Wand. But I’m here to say that these are two very different sex toys and the Turbo Glider has its own qualities that make it a worthy toy and is more than worth the fifteen dollars I paid for it.

The Turbo Glider is made out of blue ABS plastic and has a kind of futuristic look to it. It seriously reminds me of Doctor Who, which would appeal to the sci-fi nerds among us. It’s a little more than 6 inches long and about 1.2 inches thick at the thickest part of it. The transparency of the plastic allows you to see the vibrator mechanisms in action, which I think is very entertaining. The Turbo Glider takes two AA batteries and the battery compartment is simple. Twist off the bottom, drop in the batteries and twist the bottom back on. The Turbo Glider doesn’t have any buttons on it since you control the speed with the bottom twist cap. The Turbo Glider is also waterproof, which I verified through hopefully discreet showertime jack off sessions at college.

As for the feel of it, oh it was far better than anticipated. At this pricepoint, I had been expecting something much weaker, perhaps erring on the side of caution after the first vibrator I ever bought turned out to be a flop. I am pleased to confirm what everyone else is saying about the Turbo Glider: it has titanic power for something with two AA batteries. The way that I end up using it most is either firmly pressing the bloopy tip to my clitoris or by laying it flat so more of my labia can get in on the action and so my clit feels less overwhelmed. The vibrations are strong, but it is important to note that these are buzzy vibrations, which means that I start to get numb if the vibrator is on high or left in place too long. I solve the numbness issue usually by using a lower setting and by circling my clit rather than leaving it stationary, much in the way that I do when I masturbate manually. While the shape looks cool and seems like it might be fun internally, I felt more the thickness of it than anything else. With no curve and strong but buzzy vibrations, it’s best used externally.

The vibrator has very few problems with it, with the only one I can think of being that the speed dial makes it such that I can accidentally change the speed without meaning to. However, I’ve never accidentally untwisted the cap during masturbation and there are few other features to critique.

In all, I would call this a darling vibrator. It’s simple and no frills, but it gets the job done with a minimum of fuss, is body safe and importantly, it fits almost any budget as it’s under $20! I highly recommend anyone looking to get their first vibrator try the Turbo Glider.

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