Zumio X Review

I am laying naked on my bed, with the whirring tip of the Zumio buried in the fleshy folds of my inner labia near my clit. My eyes are sliding over the erotica I’ve picked out haphazardly, the careful and constructed sentences of literary fucking are almost ignored because of the intensity next to my clit. The sensation of the Zumio is intense and glorious; I find my eyes sliding in and out of focus at times and screwing up tight at others. It is powerful and squirm inducing this pleasure. I try to resist, try anything to not give in and cum too quick, but alas, a squeal stutters out of my throat and I feel my cunt flexing and squeezing in the rhythm of orgasm.

My boyfriend walks into the bed room to see me jerking off with what looks like a fabric gel pen pressed against my clit. He asks me “Is it good?”

I look up at him, my face pink.

“Fuck yeah it is.”

The Zumio is never a toy I expected to review. I had heard about it and knew several reviewers approved of it, but somehow I hadn’t really considered that I would ever own one. That is, until my shining star Kitten Boheme asked me if I wanted one. When I saw that Twitter DM I felt like she just nonchalantly asked if I wanted a platinum plated credit card good for infinite orgasms. Suffice to say, I said said yes. We traded details and jokes and hopes that I would like until it arrived.

When I opened it, I admit I knew what I was in for. The Zumio is kind of a weird looking toy. It’s shaped a bit like something I would expect from a Michael’s craft section, with a thick, gel pen body and a tiny whirly bit at the end. With a robust 8 speeds ranging from an intense ‘low’ to a ‘SOMEONE’S BLASTING MY CLIT WITH A LASER’ high, there’s been a variety of ways I can experience this. The Zumio also boasts an impressive use time of four hours on one charge but…it does take 16 hours to charge. So, pros and cons I guess. It charges in a neat way, in its own cup standing up right. And the Zumio is waterproof, which is kind of awesome, since cleaning the little thing would otherwise be a nightmare.

But I admit, I’m not thinking about how cool the Zumio’s charging mechanisms are or about how grateful I am that it’s easy to clean because its waterproof. At least, not most of the time. No, when I see it on my nightstand just hanging out, I’m thinking about the laser focused intensity that I can use to literally force myself into orgasm. Because the hype train is right, HOLY FUCK is it intense. The Zumio is my depression masturbation savior. It’s just what I need when my vag feels numb from depression or my period. The Zumio pummels my clit to orgasm and I’m just too happy to let it…over and over again. It’s easy to give and just use the Zumio solo, but when I can bring myself to put the Zumio aside long enough to lube up a dildo, it makes for a VERY satisfying session.

The way I’ve used the Zumio most often is I press it into my labia majora and can feel the stimulation through the fleshy parts of my vulva. The best speed of eight on the Zumio is the third one, it hits the sweet spot of ‘powerful enough to get me off quickly’ without being so extreme that it overwhelms my clit and makes me cry. In the spirit of trying off-label uses, I also tried putting the twirly tip inside the mouth of my vag to see if it would feel good. But the thrashing feeling was so weird that I gave up after just a few seconds. This is fine, the Zumio is a clit toy and doesn’t need to go inside me. I’ll also use this on my clitoral hood or on the shaft of my clitoris. The times that I’ve dared pull back my clit hood and put the Zumio directly onto my clit, I wanted to fucking scream. The sensation is so severe and overwhelming that I can’t bring myself to actually do it to myself for all that long. A few times, I even felt a kind of pain which scared me off doing that too often. Girly Juice mentions that this would be awesome for a forced orgasm scene and I’m inclined to agree. The only time the Zumio is coming directly in contact with my clit is if someone else is wielding it.

The Zumio is like the Deathwish of vibrators. A vibrator that kicks you in the ass and wakes you up with a zippy, severe and joyful sensation. It’s also like Deathwish in that not everyone is going to like it. For some people, this amount of stimulation is going to feel just devastating on their clit. And that’s fine! But for those of us who get a rush from the extreme, the Zumio might be just your cup of coffee.

This toy was given to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review. Thanks Kitten Boheme (go read her stuff, she’s hilarious!)

The Lush Hera G Spot Vibrator

If the Lush Hera G Spot Vibrator were a straight silicone dildo, this review would look different. I could talk about the fanciful design and fun color. I could talk about the appreciation I have for more established companies making playful designs. But this is overshadowed by one singular fact. That the Lush Hera is so weak that I can hear it more than I can feel it. And if you call yourself a vibrator, then you should probably be more perceptible on the skin than to the ears.

The first vibrator I was sent was slightly defective, and had I reviewed that one I probably would’ve been frothier since I literally couldn’t feel it. However, the people at Betty’s Toy Box were so perfectly wonderful to send me a replacement and this one was just perceptibly stronger. But sadly, that slight boost in strength didn’t amount to much because this vibrator is still tragically weak.

The Lush Hera G Spot Vibrator is a dark purple vibrator with a design akin to what I imagine would be a dragon cock in miniature. So perhaps a kobold cock? Perhaps. The silicone is soft and smooth, squishing just a little under a firm grip and betraying the rock hard vibrator guts. The Hera is modestly sized at 5.75 inches insertable and only 1.4 inches wide and runs on 2 AAA batteries.  The toy is splash proof, body safe and unfortunately? I don’t like it.

The Lush Hera G Spot Vibrator is prettier than it feels.

Oh Hera. What have they done to you. You could’ve been a delightful, semi-fantasy dildo that I would’ve gleefully displayed to all three of my friends who can handle my enthusiasm with sex toys. But you were spirited away before they would let your true talents shine, and you were labeled a vibrator. And see, you weren’t meant to be one. That’s not where you excel. Asking you to vibrate is like asking Stephen King to write a nursery rhyme. He might of course, but that’s not his true talent. You don’t have the vibrations needed to wake up my clit, a veritable insomniac, let alone my narcoleptic G spot. So when I use you internally, I turn you off and use the Nocturnal actually. If The Nocturnal is the heavy metal scream of vibrators, you’re someone whispering from across the room. Forgive me for preferring your sibling.

Dramatic musing aside, I really can’t feel this vibrator on my clit, much less when it’s inserted. I lay the Hera on there, and after the initial ‘Oh there’s something vibrating on me’, it fades away. Internally, I’m left with a vague sense that there’s something going on in my vagina, but the texture during thrusting drowns out the feeling of the vibrations.

But even turned off and used as a dildo, the Hera falls short. The silicone gives a little squish, but those ridges covering rock hard vibrator guts make it abrasive, over textured, and uncomfortable to use. Not to mention that teeny weeny head doesn’t do anything for my G spot. This seems shocking given my love of the highly textured Lust Arts Mermaid, but the Mermaid also has a delightful squish to it. The Hera is as firm as any caricatured disciplinarian from the cartoons I used to watch and just as abrasive.

In all, I wish I had more positive things to say about this toy. This line has beautiful looks and playful designs, but I’m afraid the Hera fell flat for me. If you’re looking for a good vibrator, Betty’s Toy Box sells The Gaia Eco Vibrator, which has gotten high marks from fellow bloggers like Dangerous Lilly, or you can try the Exposed Nocturnal, which I love and fear in equal measure.

This toy was provided to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review. Thanks Betty’s Toy Box!


Blush Novelties Exposed Nocturnal Lipstick Bullet Vibrator Review

The Blush Novelties Exposed Nocturnal Lipstick Bullet Vibrator (from here on The Nocturnal) is not joking with you. It is not joshing or funning with you, and it is nowhere near the vicinity of goofing on you. Despite the soft shades of pink and purple, the Nocturnal contains a powerhouse ready and willing to forcibly buzz an orgasm out of you. The strength of this vibrator is commendable, and I would like to applaud Blush Novelties for making an affordable and strong vibrator. However, while I love the strength of the Nocturnal, my thoughts on it as a whole remain complicated.

I decided on purchasing the Nocturnal for two reasons. One was because I’d heard that it was as strong as the Tango. That of course caught my attention, because that kind of thing isn’t thrown around lightly. If you’re not aware, the Tango is one of the most revered vibrators possibly ever. It’s gotten consistently high praise from just about every sex toy reviewer who was lucky enough to be able to review it. The second reason was that the price of the Blush Novelties Jammy and The Nocturnal combined was approximately equivalent to the single density version of the Vixen Creations Randy. Yes, the Nocturnal retails for approximately $32, which is less than half of what the Tango costs. So for people on a budget, this is going to turn heads.

The Exposed Nocturnal Lipstick Bullet Vibrator in Dusty Rose

The Nocturnal is sort of big for what I imagine a bullet vibrator to be. It’s about 4 inches long, making it much bigger than the Screaming O Vooom which I have, and about as long as the Tango. Made of ABS plastic, the best material for conducting vibrations, the toy is smooth and nonporous, meaning it’s easy to sterilize with a little bleach if you want to share it between partners. Because the toy has mechanical parts, boiling is off the table, as well as tossing it in the dishwasher on a sanitize cycle. The Nocturnal is also rechargeable, with magnetic contacts rather than a jack. This I take some issue with as the magnetic contacts are weak and can cause some difficulty when trying to stick the charger to it. Still, it’s better than a jack, which can worry me irrationally when I see the toy being dunked in water.

The Nocturnal has five vibration speeds and five patterns. Given the strength of the motor in this toy, the patterns can be kind of pleasurable actually. The vibrations of the escalation pattern feel like my clit is being tapped, which, depending on how aroused I am, can be jarring or exquisitely pleasurable. Mostly though, I focused on the steady vibration settings. On the website, the product copy claims that the Nocturnal is waterproof, which I tested by dropping it in a sink full of water and other dildos I was warming up. The cold weather necessitates some pre-heating before masturbation you know. I watched the Nocturnal buzz away in there for several minutes, unaffected by the water surrounding it and spinning wildly on top of the dildos. I also pulled it out partially to look at the impressive water displacement, which was quite entertaining. While this test is entirely unscientific, I’m confident in validating the waterproof claim.

But enough beating around the bush. How does it feel? Well, as I mentioned earlier, this is definitely a strong toy. I’ve used the Nocturnal multiple times, nearly every masturbation session since I got it trying to synthesize my feelings in a concise way. But unfortunately, simplicity escapes me. The first time I tried the Nocturnal, it was borderline painful to put on my genitals. Now admittedly, I’d had several orgasms with a wand vibrator earlier so I was already over stimulated, and so laying something so aggressive on my clit was bound to feel weird and unpleasurable. So really, that one was on me. But it’s also worth noting that the Nocturnal is too powerful for me to use it as a warm up toy. Even the first intensity is too much for my clit when it’s just waking up. I need to use my hands for a few minutes before I’m sufficiently warmed up enough to want the Nocturnal.

Once I hit that sweet spot though, the Nocturnal is undeniably and ruthlessly pleasurable. This toy dominates my clit, makes me unable to control my expressions and forces moans out of me. The vibrations are on the buzzier size, but with an element of rumble that makes them still approachable despite that aggressive motor. The first setting alone can make me squirm and pant from the strength of the vibrations. Paired with a dildo, this toy makes me come hard all over whatever I’ve chosen to stuff my vagina with. Orgasms with the Nocturnal on my clit actually made me figure out where my G spot was. The strong clitoral orgasms caused my G spot to swell up, making penetration of almost any kind almost violently orgasmic. And so I became a devoted worshipper of the toy, using it faithfully during every dildo session that I had. I fell into a kind of love with this vibrator. It’s small, simple and effective. The buttons made sense. It never failed to get me off.

Well, sort of. I feel a little awkward mentioning this, but I did have one acutely unfortunate session with the toy that I feel I need to mention. One night as I was using the toy before bed, I felt a sharp pain in my vulva. I thought briefly that maybe I was just numbed out from the Nocturnal, but when I went to pee after masturbating, I felt a sharp pain and saw some blood on the toilet paper. After that, the sharp, stinging sensation persisted in my urethra all night, and there was blood every time I went to the bathroom. I thought I might’ve had an infection and made an appointment with an Urgent Care clinic to get a urine culture done, but by the morning, the pain had receded dramatically and there was no more blood. Given these circumstances, I concluded that some how I had cut my urethra. While I can’t say beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Nocturnal caused this, it seems to me the most logical conclusion given the timing of the event. So I’ve taken a brief respite from the Nocturnal for my vag to heal.

So overall, my relationship with this toy is still complicated. I’ve had glorious masturbation sessions with it, and found it made testing dildos enormously easier with the Nocturnal buzzing away on my clit and swelling my G spot. And I’ve had a sleepless, stinging, and slightly bloody night also because of the Nocturnal. How to synthesize these experiences? Is it still okay to recommend a toy that caused this kind of discomfort? Is it scaremongering to mention this probable fluke? I’m still not sure. However, what I am sure of is that having a nuanced opinion on a toy is not a bad thing. I can both love and recommend this toy while at the same time cautioning my readers to be mindful if they have more delicate genitals. So if you’re in the mood for a strong, affordable vibrator and take note of the fact that it really is strong, I recommend the Nocturnal.

I purchased this toy all on my own, I just wanted y’all to know my opinion.

Laura Berman Kegel Exerciser Review

Fitness is vital to me. I’m a competitive athlete, which means I’m in the business of making sure I’m in good condition. Meaning, when I learned I could condition my pelvic floor muscles, I became very interested. Bubbling over with curiosity about this new form of exercise, I decided one day to treat myself and bought my first kegel exerciser after a recommendation from Epiphora. I purchased the Dr. Laura Berman Shades Of Purple Anastasia’s Delight Silicone Coated Orgasm Balls, in spite of the heinously long name, and from here on out will be the Laura Berman Kegel Exerciser. And as both a self professed Mega Jock and Sex Toy Enthusiast, it has my full approval on all counts except the hideously long name and stretchy retrieval cord.

The Laura Berman line on SheVibe is all made of shades of lavender silicone. For some, including me, who appreciate bright and vibrant colors, this makes the line rather boring to look at. However, looks can be ignored if the toy performs well. And the Laura Berman Kegel Exerciser does indeed perform.

At first glance it doesn’t appear to be anything special. Made of silicone and ABS plastic, the toy is safe and hygienic, so there’s no concern about putting something toxic in your body. But this simplicity belies what the real draw of the toy is. Inside, there are free rolling weighted balls that jiggle when you move or clench. When inside, the jiggling sensation is acutely pleasant, although in no way orgasm inducing as the name of the toy might suggest. In describing the sensation to a friend I found myself comparing it to vibration, and although that’s not exactly correct, it’s the closest I can think of. I’ve worn it to work, to physical therapy, to high class government events, and out in town. In every location, I can feel the jiggling going on inside me, a pleasant reminder of my vagina that reminds me to clench. It’s delightful and just a little kinky knowing that I’ve got a toy inside me and no one knows it. Over the past few months I’ve worn it, I have noticed that my pelvic area does feel more toned. Perhaps eventually I’ll have the crushing force I aspire to.

The toy can be worn a few ways, with one or two balls in. Unfortunately, no website I’ve looked at has the weights of each of the balls and I’ve been unable to weight them myself, which is beyond annoying. However, even as a novice kegeler I didn’t find it at all uncomfortable with both of the balls inside and opted to wear it that way. The stretchy silicone retrieval string is annoying an is perhaps one of the three main complaints I have with this toy. It makes little sense as the cord can become slippery, which is the opposite of helpful when trying to remove it, and can snap you in the clit if you’re not careful. I was snapped in the clit once, and I’m fairly certain people heard a loud ‘FUCK’ in that college dorm bathroom, even though the shower was running.

The toy is also priced quite reasonably, available at SheVibe for 19.99, the favored price for many infomercials. With the shipping it can be a little pricier, but in all still a fair price, especially since I’ve not seen anything cheaper that looks as well made.

Even with these flaws, this toy is an excellent and wallet friendly beginner toy for those seeking to up their kegel game. While it’s name is long, the cord is weird and the color uninteresting, the toy does what many toys are unable to do: it actually achieves its goal. It does strengthen your kegels and doesn’t have any extra bells and whistles to complain about. The toy also feels pretty damn good while it’s doing as well, and makes going down the stairs an adventure. It’s a damned simple and effective toy that I whole-heartedly recommend it.

Vibratex Mystic Wand Review

A faithful standby that’s more than worth the  amount of batteries it eats.

As I mentioned in the first review that I ever wrote, the first Mystic Wand I ever received caught on fire. This was upsetting and led to me emailing the company in a panic and getting the Turbo Glider to tide me over. Luckily, the company was kind enough to send me a replacement. As I waited, I imagined the orgasms I would have with it. And on the day it came, it was all I could do to not shred the packaging in the college mail room.

I can now tell you that this toy was more than worth the wait and the initial fiery mishap. I have used it solo, I have had my partner use it on me, I’ve used it when I’m depressed, and I’ve gotten off on even the first setting. This is a powerful little workhorse of a toy, has a design that makes sense, and is at a more than reasonable price.

The specs

The Mystic Wand is not exactly a wee thing, though it is often billed as a smaller alternative to the Hitachi. It clocks in at a little over eight inches long and the head of the toy is 1.75 in wide. The head is made of silicone, while the handle is a velvety smooth plastic. The toy takes a whopping 4 AA batteries, all of which need to be inserted correctly, lest ye risk sending your toy to an early fiery demise as I did. To insert the batteries, you unscrew the base of the toy, pop them in, and then screw the cap back on. I had no difficulties with it, and I think only those with serious motor issues would have trouble with the battery cap.

Cleaning the toy can be a little aggravating due to the grooves in the head, which is the only point in the design that I find fault with, along with the fact that the toy is only splash proof. Since you can’t dunk the toy underwater to clean it you’re stuck cleaning the little crevices by hand. You can use soap and water and clean the little grooves in the head with a finger nail to get in the crevices. I often spritz the toy with bleach solution and clean it with a Q-tip so as to ensure that the toy is as clean as possible and is sanitized.

In use

There are three steady intensities and three patterns. Predictably, it starts on a ‘low’ intensity and then graduates to the medium and high intensities. That low intensity is excellent though, as the vibrations have a rumbly quality that are a nice way to ease into masturbation. However, while I enjoy this low setting and am more than capable of orgasming with it (I was watching porn once with the Mystic Wand on the first setting, and was so turned on that I came in five minutes), my clit’s preferred setting is the middle intensity. It’s a more aggressive sensation that makes me gasp and make faces, something more intense but not enough to numb me. I most often turn up to the medium setting and have a very satisfying orgasm there.

There are patterns in this wand, but I find them distracting in use. I prefer to stick to the lovely steady intensities. The patterns change intensities or go through and escalation pattern that tease me very well, but most often during masturbation, I don’t want to be teased. I just want to get off.

Other little features that I love about the Mystic Wand: The lights are color coded! It’s absolutely adorable. The low intensity is green, the medium intensity is orange and the highest is red. I also love that the power button and the setting button are two different buttons. While I do have to cycle through all the intensities if you overshoot your preferred one, it’s not that big a deal to me. I just like being able to immediately turn off my toy and restart at the lowest setting, as sometimes my clit can get overstimulated.

In partnered use, the toy is excellent. It’s fairly intuitive and easy to understand for people not yet accustomed to wielding vibrators on their partner and positioning is fairly easy. It’s also small enough to use during penetration, and I’ve successfully done so in a few sessions with my partner.

Final thoughts

In all, this is a fantastic toy that I whole heartedly recommend. It’s priced well at $49 at SheVibe and is something I would recommend to anyone looking for strong external stimulation. It’s versatile, attractive and strong and would make a welcome addition to anyone’s toy box.

Busted! Pipedream Crush Darling Review

None of us walk into the sex toy world already knowing what we want. We make mistakes, buy products that don’t work for us and inevitably are disappointed when the toy doesn’t work for us. I am no different. My first vibrator looks exactly like what you would expect from a paranoid young adult only just learning about sex. I was lucky enough that I had done enough research on what would be safe for my body, so I didn’t buy any toxic materials, having been lucky enough to find Dangerous Lilly’s blog before I bought any toys. But nonetheless, this is a review I have been meaning to write. The first vibrator I ever bought was a sugary pink insertable that I bought from SheVibe for thirty dollars. It was called the Crush Darling and I was enamored of it, feeling secure in the knowledge that after extensive research on safe materials and after combing through the glut of vibrators that SheVibe offered that I had found the perfect first vibrator. Spoiler alert: I hadn’t. What I had found was something that would frustrate and annoy me to no end, make me question my body and vibrators in general and light a fire in me to find something better.

In writing the description of this toy, I find myself stumbling upon a bunch of insidious little buzzwords. Reading it, you might not know that it’s an overpriced trap for newbies. Busted! Review Photo 1It’s made of body safe materials, like ABS plastic and silicone. The shape is bland, featuring a mildly contoured shaft that makes the vibrator look vaguely like a rosebud. With an insertable length of 5.25 inches and a maximum girth of 1.1 inches, it’s very tiny. A more charitable person might argue this itty bitty size and bland shape makes it a tame introduction to insertables. I am not that person. It takes two AA batteries and it’s waterproof. Like most basic vibrators, it has three steady intensities and seven patterns. My cynical theory is that this is so they could write it has ten functions on the ad copy. But no matter how innocuous this vibrator seems, no matter how inoffensive and beginner friendly, it cannot mask how it feels in use.

Let’s cut to the chase: this vibrator, my very first, was hot garbage. Nothing about it worked for my body. The vibrations were sharp, surface level and extremely buzzy. As I scrolled up the settings, it felt increasingly like it was trying to sand my clit off. I mashed it desperately against my vulva in the hopes of getting off before I went numb, holding it to the favored side of my clit. But increased pressure did nothing to allay the oncoming numbness of my genitals and every time I went away from it unsatisfied and sans orgasm. The noise it made was high pitched and sharp as well, as though I were trying to get myself off with a large and increasingly angry wasp, disconcerting when you’re trying to get lost in your fantasy. Internally, the vibrations felt worse. They were jarring and distracting and very unsatisfying. The one redeeming feature I found was with the vibrations turned off that it eased my way into penetration from larger toys, as the smooth texture and minuscule girth made it easy to insert with a minimum of fuss, though not any pleasure. However, at this point I already had a small dildo I could use, so it quickly fell by the wayside and gathered dust. In writing the review for this post, I used the Crush Darling a few more times to verify its awfulness. It is exactly as I remember it being, and my later sessions with it mirror my first: distressing, uncomfortable and numbing.

If you like numbing your genitals, bland insertable toys and the color pink, you’ll also like this toy. But if you want something that actually feels good, you’ll steer clear of this toy, who’s only silver lining is that it isn’t made out of toxic materials. But for less money, more pleasurable vibrations and a vibrator that’s not pink, the Turbo Glider does all of that while costing less money. You can find both the Crush Darling and the Turbo Glider at SheVibe.


Turbo Glider Review

The story of how I got the Turbo Glider is a little embarrassing. I originally got the Turbo Glider as a toy to tide me over until I got my Mystic Wand replacement, since my first Mystic Wand actually caught fire when I put the batteries in wrong. It was a rookie mistake, but luckily the company was kind enough to send a free replacement. However, I was too libidinous to wait the extra week, so I drove down to my local sex store and picked up the Turbo Glider to hold me over until the delivery. I know, it sounds a little bit like the Turbo Glider is in the shadow of the Mystic Wand. But I’m here to say that these are two very different sex toys and the Turbo Glider has its own qualities that make it a worthy toy and is more than worth the fifteen dollars I paid for it.

The Turbo Glider is made out of blue ABS plastic and has a kind of futuristic look to it. It seriously reminds me of Doctor Who, which would appeal to the sci-fi nerds among us. It’s a little more than 6 inches long and about 1.2 inches thick at the thickest part of it. The transparency of the plastic allows you to see the vibrator mechanisms in action, which I think is very entertaining. The Turbo Glider takes two AA batteries and the battery compartment is simple. Twist off the bottom, drop in the batteries and twist the bottom back on. The Turbo Glider doesn’t have any buttons on it since you control the speed with the bottom twist cap. The Turbo Glider is also waterproof, which I verified through hopefully discreet showertime jack off sessions at college.

As for the feel of it, oh it was far better than anticipated. At this pricepoint, I had been expecting something much weaker, perhaps erring on the side of caution after the first vibrator I ever bought turned out to be a flop. I am pleased to confirm what everyone else is saying about the Turbo Glider: it has titanic power for something with two AA batteries. The way that I end up using it most is either firmly pressing the bloopy tip to my clitoris or by laying it flat so more of my labia can get in on the action and so my clit feels less overwhelmed. The vibrations are strong, but it is important to note that these are buzzy vibrations, which means that I start to get numb if the vibrator is on high or left in place too long. I solve the numbness issue usually by using a lower setting and by circling my clit rather than leaving it stationary, much in the way that I do when I masturbate manually. While the shape looks cool and seems like it might be fun internally, I felt more the thickness of it than anything else. With no curve and strong but buzzy vibrations, it’s best used externally.

The vibrator has very few problems with it, with the only one I can think of being that the speed dial makes it such that I can accidentally change the speed without meaning to. However, I’ve never accidentally untwisted the cap during masturbation and there are few other features to critique.

In all, I would call this a darling vibrator. It’s simple and no frills, but it gets the job done with a minimum of fuss, is body safe and importantly, it fits almost any budget as it’s under $20! I highly recommend anyone looking to get their first vibrator try the Turbo Glider.