Laura Berman Kegel Exerciser Review

Fitness is vital to me. I’m a competitive athlete, which means I’m in the business of making sure I’m in good condition. Meaning, when I learned I could condition my pelvic floor muscles, I became very interested. Bubbling over with curiosity about this new form of exercise, I decided one day to treat myself and bought my first kegel exerciser after a recommendation from Epiphora. I purchased the Dr. Laura Berman Shades Of Purple Anastasia’s Delight Silicone Coated Orgasm Balls, in spite of the heinously long name, and from here on out will be the Laura Berman Kegel Exerciser. And as both a self professed Mega Jock and Sex Toy Enthusiast, it has my full approval on all counts except the hideously long name and stretchy retrieval cord.

The Laura Berman line on SheVibe is all made of shades of lavender silicone. For some, including me, who appreciate bright and vibrant colors, this makes the line rather boring to look at. However, looks can be ignored if the toy performs well. And the Laura Berman Kegel Exerciser does indeed perform.

At first glance it doesn’t appear to be anything special. Made of silicone and ABS plastic, the toy is safe and hygienic, so there’s no concern about putting something toxic in your body. But this simplicity belies what the real draw of the toy is. Inside, there are free rolling weighted balls that jiggle when you move or clench. When inside, the jiggling sensation is acutely pleasant, although in no way orgasm inducing as the name of the toy might suggest. In describing the sensation to a friend I found myself comparing it to vibration, and although that’s not exactly correct, it’s the closest I can think of. I’ve worn it to work, to physical therapy, to high class government events, and out in town. In every location, I can feel the jiggling going on inside me, a pleasant reminder of my vagina that reminds me to clench. It’s delightful and just a little kinky knowing that I’ve got a toy inside me and no one knows it. Over the past few months I’ve worn it, I have noticed that my pelvic area does feel more toned. Perhaps eventually I’ll have the crushing force I aspire to.

The toy can be worn a few ways, with one or two balls in. Unfortunately, no website I’ve looked at has the weights of each of the balls and I’ve been unable to weight them myself, which is beyond annoying. However, even as a novice kegeler I didn’t find it at all uncomfortable with both of the balls inside and opted to wear it that way. The stretchy silicone retrieval string is annoying an is perhaps one of the three main complaints I have with this toy. It makes little sense as the cord can become slippery, which is the opposite of helpful when trying to remove it, and can snap you in the clit if you’re not careful. I was snapped in the clit once, and I’m fairly certain people heard a loud ‘FUCK’ in that college dorm bathroom, even though the shower was running.

The toy is also priced quite reasonably, available at SheVibe for 19.99, the favored price for many infomercials. With the shipping it can be a little pricier, but in all still a fair price, especially since I’ve not seen anything cheaper that looks as well made.

Even with these flaws, this toy is an excellent and wallet friendly beginner toy for those seeking to up their kegel game. While it’s name is long, the cord is weird and the color uninteresting, the toy does what many toys are unable to do: it actually achieves its goal. It does strengthen your kegels and doesn’t have any extra bells and whistles to complain about. The toy also feels pretty damn good while it’s doing as well, and makes going down the stairs an adventure. It’s a damned simple and effective toy that I whole-heartedly recommend it.

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