Good Clean Love BioNude Lube Review

I have three tubes of Good Clean Love’s Almost Naked formula in my toy-box. I know, it seems a little excessive, but I’m sort of a hoarder. Every time I see lube I feel obligated to stock up.  And for a long while GCL’s formula worked for me and my body and was my go to lube. But earlier this year I started to notice something. Sometimes lube leavings would cause my body to have a reaction. An errant smear of lube caused a small speckling of redness on my thigh. I shrugged it off, not really sure it was attributable to the lube. It was a hot summer, maybe I was having a little heat rash. I kept using it until one evening I held ice to what looked like a large, red mosquito bite where lube had smeared on my thigh. It was then I decided it was probably best not to continue using the Almost Naked I had as my nightstand standby.

But that was not the end of my affairs with the Good Clean Love brand. No! Good Clean Love was kind enough to send me their more gentle BioNude line after I asked on Twitter about my swelling. And it is with delight that I can recommend this lube for everyone!

The BioNude lube comes in a three ounce tube with a pop cap, as does the rest of GCL’s lubes. It’s fairly minimal packaging and looks eco-friendly, as do all of their lubes. When I asked the representative on the phone what the difference was between the two lubes, I was told that the original formula had some small amount of flavoring, while the BioNude line does not. I can confirm this, and in fact I once claimed that the Almost Naked line made it smell as though I’d baked a batch of cookies in my vagina. The BioNude line smells and tastes of nothing, which can be a pro or con depending on if you minded the Almost Naked flavoring.

I also looked to see that the formulas were in fact different, which is what likely makes the BioNude line runnier than the Almost Naked formula. If I were to compare the water based lubes I have currently and order them from thickest to thinnest it would be: 1. Almost Naked GCL 2. Sliquid Sassy 3. BioNude GCL. The Almost Naked has been the thickest water-based lube that I’ve tried, comparable to the thickness of Astroglide’s gel formula, though naturally with a healthier ingredient list. The BioNude has a thinner, less sticky quality to it, reports my boyfriend and I’m inclined to agree.

In use, the BioNude performs admirably. Because of its ultra gentle formula, I don’t have a reaction to it the way I did the Almost Naked line, and I found it thick enough to use for a variety of activities. When I used it anally, I found it perfectly comfortable for sliding in my butt plug, more comfortable than the Almost Naked formula to be honest. Likewise, when I used it vaginally in conjunction with the dildos I was testing, it performed admirably. While my partner didn’t notice a difference when we used it for PiV, I noticed that things felt a little better than when using the Almost Naked formula. In the bedroom, the BioNude formula has proved to be an excellent all rounder for whatever activities I want to get up to.

The BioNude line has really impressed me. While I loved the smell and feel of the Almost Naked line, the gentler formula of the BioNude line has me hook, line and sinker. Its performed anally, vaginally and it does all of that without giving me a mosquito bite style swelling. I recommend BioNude for anyone looking for an all around excellent water-based lube.

This product was sent to me free of charge without the expectation of a review, but I liked it so much I wanted to tell everyone how I felt. Thanks Good Clean Love!

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