Rope Review: Agreeable Agony vs. Twisted Monk Cotton

For people who are looking to buy their first ropes, a lot can factor into their decisions. Price, maintenance and quality are the first ones to come to mind. I know about these long considerations because last year I was that person making a decision that would affect how I explored bondage. Luckily Twisted Monk provided an answer, and I purchased the Curiosity Cotton Kit and used it happily with my partner for nearly an entire year.

But this month, a challenger arrived. Thanks to RGN Toys, I received the Agreeable Agony rope in a gorgeous blue/black color scheme. They sent me a 30 ft length to compare to the Twisted Monk Cotton rope, and over the past month I’ve been contemplating the two. Having had my partner and I test them, I’m happy to say that I can recommend both of these ropes, but the rope you might ultimately prefer will depend on which sort of play and what rope qualities are most important to you.

The Agreeable Agony rope is spun from a vibrant, man made fiber and is finished with whipped ends. I received the blue and black blend and delightedly ran my hands over it as soon as I freed it from it’s packaging. The feel of the rope is slick, and to my untrained hands it felt silky and strong. The colors, blue and black remind me vaguely of hiking gear and I thought were a delightful change in tone from my other ropes, which are a plain white.

In use, the Agreeable Agony feels strong against the skin. My partner put me in a karada body harness and pulled on me this way and that, seeing how it felt in his hands and how it felt against my skin. He reported that the rope felt more slippery and that the knots seemed a bit less sticky, but found it fun to pull on. On me, the feeling was more intense. While it was never painful, I was more acutely aware of being pulled on, and I was constantly aware of the rope against me. Also, when it was plucked at, the Agreeable Agony rope conducted vibrations better, something to keep in mind.

By contrast, The Twisted Monk Cotton ropes are, as you would expect, spun from cotton and are also finished with whipped ends. To the touch, the cotton ropes feel softer, reminding vaguely of a soft T-shirt. The plain white color is what it is, and I’m content with the classic look, though I might personally like a little more flair with my bondage.

In use, the cotton ropes are much softer against my skin. When my partner put me in a body harness using the cotton ropes, the tactile experience was gentler against my body. A more sensual bondage compared to the more intense and focused and more intense bondage experience that the Agreeable Agony gave me. When pulled on, my partner reported that the knots felt sturdier and the sensation of being pulled on was softened. The entire experience was a soft, sensual one and something I personally enjoyed quite a bit.

When taking care of these ropes, neither need to be oiled regularly, so carving out time to service your ropes isn’t necessary the way it is with hemp ropes. They also both come with a fascinating feature! Should your ropes get dirty, whether through body fluids or otherwise, both of these ropes are machine washable. I can verify the washability of these ropes; I put both in pillowcases and washed them with two caps of Twisted Monk’s Rope Soap on a delicate cycle. Both came out of the wash with no wear or degradation. However, the cotton ropes were more twisted and had more kinks in it, requiring gentle stretching and a hang drying to ensure these ropes were as good as new. The Agreeable Agony looked pretty much the same. However, I was feeling adventurous and decided that I wasn’t going to hand dry these. I kept the Agreeable Agony in the pillowcase and tossed it in my dryer on a low cycle. I had worried it would shrink or would otherwise warp. I was delighted to see that the rope withstood the dryer and lives to tie me another day.

In summary, the Agreeable Agony is a low maintenance rope that delivers a more intense bondage session and appeals to people looking for a quirky aesthetic rope. The Twisted Monk Cotton rope requires a little more care, but for people who want a softer and gentler bondage experience, this is the rope for them. With my personal preferences, I enjoyed the feel of the cotton rope more, but I can’t deny the ease of use of the Agreeable Agony, as well as the wide variety of colors available. With this in mind, I find myself heartily recommending both ropes as both beginner friendly and as excellent first ropes. Happy tying all!

I wrote this honest review in exchange for a commission from RGN Toys. All feelings are my own. Thanks RGN Toys!

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