The Butters Original Lube Review

Is lube a sex toy? That’s an interesting question if you think about it. While it doesn’t exactly fit the traditional conception of a sex toy, it’s undeniably essential when it comes to sex. And what’s more, getting the wrong kind of lube can make good sex bad and bad sex into a genital burning nightmare. So you have to make sure you’re getting something that a) does lubricate everything that needs to be lubricated b) has a formula that won’t hurt you and c) won’t disrupt any toys or barriers you need for sex and masturbation. With these considerations taken, you’ll be able to find lubes that fit your needs and can make sex and masturbation go much more smoothly.

But I’m not 100% satisfied with a lube that just makes things go a little smoother. Picky hedonist that I am, I tend to want a lube that can actually add another layer of pleasure. It’s one thing for a lubricant to make something slippery enough that I can get it into my ass, it’s another thing entirely for a lube to make me feel sensual and pampered while I stretch my ass out.

Enter The Butters, an oil based lube made by the Butters Hygienics Co. The Butters is a silky, sensual and pH balanced lube that made my sex and masturbation life better. I’ve actually had a partner tempted to eat the lube because the lube is appetizing all by itself, which is something I’ve never heard of happening with lubes not marketed as flavored (and lets be honest, even most flavored lubes aren’t something you want by themselves).

When I first encountered the Butters, I primarily used it for anal play since I was nervous about how it might affect my vaginal flora. And when used for slicking up the nJoy Pure Plug, it was just fucking amazing. Because of the oil based nature of the lube, I didn’t have to worry about the lube sliding off the toy before I could get into in my ass. With the Butters smeared over the slick, shiny butt plug, my ass felt incredibly spoiled. I’ve tried other, water based lubes for anal masturbation but the Butters topped out when it came to comfort and ease of use.

After playing around with the lube for a little while though, I gradually started introducing into more areas of my sex life. I used it to make PiV sex WAY easier and more comfortable, as well as handjobs and as an aid to oral sex. A slight digression, the Butters is apparently formulated by former chefs, and it fucking shows. This lube is a massive step up from chemically tasting lubes. Thank GOD.

The texture of the Butters was initially slightly grainy when scooped from the jar, but when it heated to body temperature, it felt so silky and soft. I found it pretty arousing to apply the Butters to a partner and then watch the lube liquefy under the heat of how turned on they were. This tiny little detail has a pretty big impact on how I feel getting ready to have sex.

Not only is the texture and ease of use amazing, the Butters also lasts for far longer than any water based lube I own. For reference, when I give a handjob with Good Clean Love, I usually need to re up on lube every few minutes to make sure my hands are still gliding smoothly along my partner’s cock.

With the Butters? I would maybe, MAYBE reapply once. Fucking nice. And while this lube is great for more than just jerking off a cock, it’s where the difference between water and oil based lubes is most starkly apparent.

Now, while I adore the Butters, I would be remiss if I were not to address the two things that might make this lube not for everyone. The first is pure mechanics: if you’re planning on using this for penetrative sex with a partner, you can’t use this lube with a latex condom since it will cause this material to degrade. If you’re not fluid-bonded and you don’t have an alternative method of birth control? Then the Butters would shine for oral and manual sex, while a water based lube would be your best bet for penetration.

The only other caveat for this lube is that it comes in a jar rather than a pump. This seems initially like not a big deal, but every time you dip in your hand to get lube, you’re depositing whatever is on your hands into the lube. If you wash your hands (and hey, you should be with the virus going around) then you won’t have any issues, but it’s something you might want to keep in mind.

In all, I really can’t get enough of the Butters. I actually might need to write a second post for all the OTHER uses of the Butters outside of purely lubrication purposes because hey it can also be: a makeup remover, a moisturizer and (according to GirlyJuice) a leather conditioner. I guess then, the Butters isn’t a sex toy, or if it is, it isn’t just a sex toy. The Butters is a Swiss Army Knife of sensual pleasure disguised as a jar of lube. And you should absolutely get it.

This product was provided to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review. Thanks The Butters Hygienics Co!

The Butters Lube Review

I didn’t mean to get a bunch of lubes to review, it sort of just happened that way. It happened that way because one night after GCL’s Almost Naked Lube left a mosquito bite style rash on me, I’d had enough. So I hopped on Peepshow Toy’s website and bought both Sliquid’s Sassy Lube and the Butters. And in this installment, your friendly neighborhood lubescout is pleased to say that the Butters are an excellent lube.

I received the 8 ounce cocoa butter formulation of the Butters lube. As soon as I got it out of the package, I opened it up to take a look at what was inside. The lube has a light and fluffy texture, and is a light yellow color, much the same color as the butter I have in my dish. The smell is ever so slightly earthy and something I and my partner found very enjoyable. In fact, my partner said that he was tempted just to eat it right out of the jar and was only stopped because he didn’t want to eat up all the product. It’s a lube that I really have little to compare it to but is absolutely delightful nonetheless.

I’ve used an oil based lube once before, in the form of unrefined coconut oil. However, I was too nervous to use it vaginally and used it only anally. I felt that same nervousness as it came to time to put it to use for the first time. Slicking up the dildo I was going to be testing, I understood that many other reviewers with sensitive orifices have tried this lube to no ill effect. Nonetheless, anxiety still flooded my nerves as I eased in the toy. It slid in like silk, the lube feeling just inside me. It didn’t feel sticky or artificial, and though I can’t say it blended perfectly with my natural fluids, it really did feel fine. Notably, the Butters lube lasted a good bit longer than my normal water based lubes, which was delightful. I can usually expect a reapplication every time I remove a toy from my vagina, since my body absorbs the water based lube, but the Butters didn’t necessitate so much reapplication.

When I used the Butters for PiV, my partner didn’t notice anything different about the lube. I couldn’t tell much either, though I thought I detected that the lube was more satiny in use than others. It made our sex  It’s at this juncture in my review that I’d like to remind everyone that oil based lubes do degrade latex. So if you’re planning on using condoms as a method of birth control, either use a water or silicone based lube for PiV or consider an alternate method of birth control.

Personally, I’ve quite enjoyed my experiences with the lube, and my partner also approves of the formulation as both a lube and a snack. The Butters lube are an excellent choice for anyone looking for something that lasts a little longer than their regular water-based lube, but want something toy compatible.

I purchased this from Peepshow Toys and just wanted to let everyone know how I felt about it. Thanks Peepshow and The Butters!

Good Clean Love BioNude Lube Review

I have three tubes of Good Clean Love’s Almost Naked formula in my toy-box. I know, it seems a little excessive, but I’m sort of a hoarder. Every time I see lube I feel obligated to stock up.  And for a long while GCL’s formula worked for me and my body and was my go to lube. But earlier this year I started to notice something. Sometimes lube leavings would cause my body to have a reaction. An errant smear of lube caused a small speckling of redness on my thigh. I shrugged it off, not really sure it was attributable to the lube. It was a hot summer, maybe I was having a little heat rash. I kept using it until one evening I held ice to what looked like a large, red mosquito bite where lube had smeared on my thigh. It was then I decided it was probably best not to continue using the Almost Naked I had as my nightstand standby.

But that was not the end of my affairs with the Good Clean Love brand. No! Good Clean Love was kind enough to send me their more gentle BioNude line after I asked on Twitter about my swelling. And it is with delight that I can recommend this lube for everyone!

The BioNude lube comes in a three ounce tube with a pop cap, as does the rest of GCL’s lubes. It’s fairly minimal packaging and looks eco-friendly, as do all of their lubes. When I asked the representative on the phone what the difference was between the two lubes, I was told that the original formula had some small amount of flavoring, while the BioNude line does not. I can confirm this, and in fact I once claimed that the Almost Naked line made it smell as though I’d baked a batch of cookies in my vagina. The BioNude line smells and tastes of nothing, which can be a pro or con depending on if you minded the Almost Naked flavoring.

I also looked to see that the formulas were in fact different, which is what likely makes the BioNude line runnier than the Almost Naked formula. If I were to compare the water based lubes I have currently and order them from thickest to thinnest it would be: 1. Almost Naked GCL 2. Sliquid Sassy 3. BioNude GCL. The Almost Naked has been the thickest water-based lube that I’ve tried, comparable to the thickness of Astroglide’s gel formula, though naturally with a healthier ingredient list. The BioNude has a thinner, less sticky quality to it, reports my boyfriend and I’m inclined to agree.

In use, the BioNude performs admirably. Because of its ultra gentle formula, I don’t have a reaction to it the way I did the Almost Naked line, and I found it thick enough to use for a variety of activities. When I used it anally, I found it perfectly comfortable for sliding in my butt plug, more comfortable than the Almost Naked formula to be honest. Likewise, when I used it vaginally in conjunction with the dildos I was testing, it performed admirably. While my partner didn’t notice a difference when we used it for PiV, I noticed that things felt a little better than when using the Almost Naked formula. In the bedroom, the BioNude formula has proved to be an excellent all rounder for whatever activities I want to get up to.

The BioNude line has really impressed me. While I loved the smell and feel of the Almost Naked line, the gentler formula of the BioNude line has me hook, line and sinker. Its performed anally, vaginally and it does all of that without giving me a mosquito bite style swelling. I recommend BioNude for anyone looking for an all around excellent water-based lube.

This product was sent to me free of charge without the expectation of a review, but I liked it so much I wanted to tell everyone how I felt. Thanks Good Clean Love!

Warming Up: Part Two on Foreplay

So now we come to the second part of my Warming Up series. I’ve already discussed what foreplay is, or what my personal definition of it is, this post is meant as sort of a rough guideline of possible foreplay activities. Most of this has been drawn from my own personal experience so  your mileage may vary. This isn’t meant as an instructional guide on foreplay, merely offering my methods to see if you find anything you might want as an addition to your warm up repertoire.

In warming up for vaginal penetration

In warming up for vaginal penetration, there are a couple of things I’ll do differently depending on whether I’m preparing for PiV sex or if I’m planning on penetrating myself with a dildo. With a partner, I enjoy giving and receiving oral to get ourselves physically and mentally ready. Personally speaking, giving my partner a blowjob before sex makes me feel incredibly sensual and sometimes gets me aroused enough for penetration all on its own. Being able to control the experience my partner receives isn’t something I get to feel when I get fucked, so I relish the control I have for the time being.

Because my partner values reciprocity, he’s often not the only one getting oral. In fact, even with the difference in our sizes, we’ve actually pulled off the 69 position to great success. Getting oral is a fantastic act in its own right, and for some people it may be the whole sexual encounter , but I often find it to be an amazing warm up for PiV with my wonderful partner. When receiving oral, I prefer to also be fingered at the same time. The internal stimulation and getting used to being penetrated makes it so I can enjoy feeling stretched by my partner without feeling claustrophobic from his dick. I know it seems strange that my vagina with size queen tendencies can feel claustrophobic from anything, but it remains the case. If I don’t warm up to penetration and I’m not turned on enough, it’ll hurt.

If I’m warming up for a solo session, I’ll often start off with a vibrator. I’ve got a few that have been featured so far, namely the much loved Turbo Glider and Mystic Wand. Warming up my clit turns me on and gets me ready for a dildo. Now, I should use a smaller dildo in preparation for my larger ones, but most times? I just go straight for it and endure a little discomfort as my body gets used to it. In this respect, I would ask my readers to please use smaller dildos to warm up first rather than just plunging in. Your orifices will thank you.

The last crucial piece for warming up is: LUBE. I cannot stress enough how essential a good lube has been for my sex and masturbation life. Good Clean Love’s original formula was my go to until I noticed I started having some irritation, so I discontinued use. Thankfully, Good Clean Love has graciously offered to send me their BioNude formula, which I’m very grateful for. In the meantime, I ordered both the Butters and Sliquid from Peepshow, which preliminary testing is showing some very good results! Of course, I’ll fill you in more on a later post with regards to how these lubes feel.

In warming up for anal play

So a quick disclaimer: I’ve not had penetrative anal sex yet. Well, I’ve had an entire 8 inch dick in my ass, but after insertion (we didn’t use lube) it got pretty uncomfortable so he pulled out and we moved on to something else. So most of my experience with anal has been using toys or getting my ass fingered. Regardless, here’s how I warm up.

Usually I start with lots of lube and gentle digital penetration, because my butt is a delicate flower. The few times I’ve been impatient, I’ve wound up bleeding slightly and had to take a long break from anal play of any kind. So if I’m doing anything with my butt, I make some time to read some erotica, stimulate my clit, and slowly ease into anal. Making sure my clit is involved ensures that I’m turned on enough and still feeling pleasure while I’m easing into anal.

I’ve also done an enema in preparation for anal, though I later wasn’t able to actually follow through on that desire. I’ve done an enema using a bulb, and while I did feel cleaner, I felt oddly dehydrated and headachey afterward. This bad feeling nipped any chance of sex in the bud, so my partner and I ended up just snuggling while I recovered. So if you’re planning on doing an enema, I’d recommend: 1. Doing several rinses. 2. Making sure you’ve got access to a bathroom you can hog for about an hour. 3. Drinking plenty of water in the event you feel like me after. Also, while an enema once in a while is fine, too many too close together can really upset your gut flora! So be mindful and take care of your body.

Last words

You know your body best and know where your limits are. The things I’ve described above may work for you, and they may not. I encourage you to experiment with several activities and to take your time in getting your body ready. In a lot of ways, warming up for sex is like warming up for any other athletic event. Take your time to get your mind and body ready so that you can enjoy whatever encounter you decide to participate in!

A Dish Served Three Ways: Coconut Oil

Over the past month I’ve managed to go through an entire jar of coconut oil. I’ve used it for a variety of things including makeup remover, moisturizer and lube. All the while I kept careful notes on how it performed at each of these tasks, quietly planning on making a post about it when I had finally finished the jar. Well, that day has come. And I’m here to say that this is a worthy thing to add to your daily arsenal, though it excels at some things rather than others.

Use No. 1: A moisturizer

On my skin, coconut oil feels luxurious, more so than the regular lotion that I use. It smells fantastic and it really does soften my skin. I’ve used it on my legs, my butt, and all the rest of my body. I’ve used it both before shaving after seeing Girly Juice’s recommendation  and after shaving, but I found it worked better as something to moisturize my body after a shave rather than before. In fact, I noticed I had slightly more irritation when I used it beforehand rather than after. I can’t figure out exactly why this is, perhaps because I didn’t use a fresh razor or perhaps the coconut oil made my skin softer, but the fact is that I was more irritated when using it before hand. Ah well, your mileage may very, but I’d recommend using it after.

I also loved how shiny it made my whole body look. One day I felt particularly luxe and decided to smother my whole body in it, put on a face mask and then wrap myself in a robe. I felt extremely decadent as I watched Twin Peaks and marveled at my slick, shiny legs.

The only draw back for me was that the coconut oil took a long time to soak into my skin, meaning I’d have to clear out a chunk of time waiting for my legs to stop being slippery. My other lotion soaked in much faster. So if I have dry legs and I’m strapped for time, I don’t end up using the coconut oil. But if I want to feel as decadent as possible, I rub some on and settle in for some thriller shows on Netflix.

Use No. 2: As a makeup remover

I’m someone who’s just recently started to get really into makeup. I’ve been looking into long lasting waterproof stuff so that I don’t have to worry about things like reapplication or smudging or anything. Unfortunately, waterproof and long lasting makeup means that taking off my makeup can be a real pain in the ass if I don’t buy makeup remover. Or at least, it used to mean that until I used coconut oil.

I swear, coconut oil kicks ass as a makeup remover. Waterproof mascara? Easy. Liquid eyeliner? No problem. Foundation? Consider it gone. Long wear lipstick? IT’S OVER. Coconut oil melts makeup and makes taking my long wear looks off easy. Also, unlike some other makeup removers, when you inevitably get this in your eye, it doesn’t sting. It does make seeing out of one eye a little blurry, but rinsing your eyes out is pretty easy.

Use No. 3: As a lube

So first things first: I only used coconut oil as an anal lube so that should be taken into account. I wasn’t able to use it vaginally since I’ve been bounced from UTI to yeast infection and to my menstrual cycle all in quick succession. July was not a great month for penetration vaginally. Nonetheless, I bulled ahead and used it for anal penetration, curious to see how it felt.

On my first try using the coconut oil it was almost entirely liquid. It slid off the dildo and provided only a thin layer of lube, which led to a frustrating experience trying to get what felt like a dry dildo into my ass. I pretty quickly gave up on that plan and switched over to my standby lube, Good Clean Love. I resolved I would try again later.

The second and subsequent tries went better. When in a semiliquid state, the coconut oil was thick enough to provide some cushion between the new butt plug I was using and my ass. It felt much more comfortable. And as a bonus, I didn’t leave any ass smell on the plug. It just smelled like coconut! I was pretty happy to discover this.

Now that it’s moving on to August and my vagina finally feels normal, I’m going to get a new jar of it and use it. But this time I’m not going to stick my fingers in it. According to Dangerous Lilly, you ought to use the decanting method so as to not encourage bacteria growth in your coconut oil. With this in mind, I’m excited to try it out.

Final thoughts

Over the past month, I’ve appreciated having such a useful multitool in life. It’s not often there’s a product that removes makeup, moisturizes my skin and also lets me put toys in my ass, all while smelling excellent. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a good oil based lube to try virgin, unrefined coconut oil for toys as it’s the least likely to cause any issues. Coconut oil is compatible with most materials, but not with things such as TPE or PVC or Jelly. It’s also not condom compatible, so keep in mind that when you’re considering a lube for partnered play. In all, I highly recommend coconut oil as a cornerstone for both your beauty and sexual needs.